Honeycomb Shades vs. Roman Shades

Posted by All About Blinds   |   February 18, 2021

There is a vast array of window treatments that a homeowner can choose from when revamping their interior décor. These range from the extravagant, such as flowing drapes reminiscent of Niagara Falls, to, well, the minimalist extreme of nothing at all. Today’s trend leans more towards simple yet sophisticated window treatments that provide convenience and durability.

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Winter Window Treatment Maintenance Tips

Posted by All About Blinds   |   January 6, 2021

Woman cleaning window blinds

More time spent inside - between the cooler temperatures and quarantine - means winter is the perfect time to do a deep clean on your window treatments.

Washing blinds and shutters may seem like a tedious task, but with a few clever tricks you can do the job in no time at all! While you’re at it, give your window panes a wipe and you’ll have a much improved view. Grab an old sock, a dryer sheet, and/or a paintbrush, and read on!

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Why You Need Blackout Shades

Posted by All About Blinds   |   October 8, 2020

Now more than ever, we all need to do what we can to stay healthy. Getting enough sleep each night is crucial to good health. If you are not getting a restful, deep sleep each night, however, you could be throwing off your body’s natural sleep rhythm. One big reason it is often difficult to get a good night’s sleep is this: Your bedroom may not be dark enough to allow you to fall into a deep sleep. Thankfully, there is a simple fix – swap your current window treatments for blackout shades.

blackout shades

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Featured Product Spotlight: Woven Wood Shades

Posted by All About Blinds   |   August 10, 2020

living room with woven wood shadesWood tones bring warmth and natural style to any room. When you want to surround yourself with cozy, rustic comfort that welcomes you every time you return home, wood accents are the best place to begin. One of the easiest and most stylish ways to incorporate natural shades in your home is with woven wood shades. These timeless window treatments bring both warm wood tones and unique texture to any room of your home. They are beautiful, versatile, and they might just be right for you!

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Blinds vs. Shades: What’s the difference?

Posted by All About Blinds   |   July 9, 2020

modern living room with shades covering windows

A lot of jargon gets thrown around in the process of shopping for window treatments, and it’s easy for all those terms to get jumbled in your mind. Curtains, draperies, shades, shutters, valances, blinds… It’s enough to make a homeowner want to close their blinds (shades?) and hide.

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