Blinds vs. Shades: Which one suits your home better?

Posted by All About Blinds   |   January 16, 2023

The instant you walk into a room, one of the first things you notice is the windows and the type of window treatment. The visual impression you get varies depending on whether you choose to hang blinds or shades over your window. Blinds may give off a sterile, unimaginative vibe or feel polished and refined if they’re wood and not vinyl. A living room or bedroom outfitted with woven shades or stacked, pleated fabric shades may feel modern or bohemian. However, the biggest question is whether to choose blinds or shades and what is the best window covering for your place. To answer this question, we looked at a few different points.

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Window Treatment Trends for 2023

Posted by All About Blinds   |   January 11, 2023

When a new year begins, it’s one of the best times to take advantage of exciting trends to transform and enhance your home. If you are looking for ways to elevate your home’s windows, there are some excellent trending window treatments to choose from in 2023. Finding ways to upgrade your home with a fresh burst of color, textures, or fun patterns is a fantastic way to dust off the remnants of last year and start anew. Explore the latest trends in window treatments that will make your home feel more luxurious and inviting.

What Are The Benefits Of Trending Window Treatments?

Why bother changing the current window treatments that you have for your home? There’s nothing better than giving your home a facelift. When a complete makeover isn’t feasible, installing new trending window coverings is a budget-friendly and fun way to create a new look for your home. The windows of a home are a significant part of its character and lighting and impact its visual appeal and value on the market. 


If you wish, you may also discover that certain window products from last year are in overstock and can be adjusted to fit upcoming trends for the new year. Retailers may offer fantastic deals on new products to decorate windows or have a sweet deal on installation services.


How To Choose Between Trending Window Coverings?

When there are so many trending window treatments to choose from, it can be hard to settle on the perfect look for each room. However, follow your bliss and satisfy your desire to play interior decorator by sticking to a few good rules.


  • Let the room's purpose and the size, style, and placement of windows help guide your final choice of window coverings.
  • Think about how often you will need to adjust window treatments like rolling or pleated shades, cordless blinds, or if you want an understated solar window screen.
  • Choose window treatments that work well for the direction of sun exposure, and think about how a shade or a set of trending window blinds supports a more energy-efficient home.
  • Consider the proportions and length of different window coverings and how well-suited it is for your window aesthetically and to afford privacy.


The window treatments you choose for a room should complement the existing decor and floor and wall treatment. Households with young children or pets may opt for cordless or smart shades or blinds versus traditional window coverings with cords, pleats, or a rolling design. Whichever type of window treatment you choose should match your personality, budget, lighting needs, and enhance your space. You may desire shades or blinds that are sheer, room-darkening, or have a range of opacity for lighting changes throughout the day.

Window Trends To Enhance Your Home

Set the tone for a room’s function or amplify the lighting and sense of openness with the best trending window treatments. Get in touch with your sense of playfulness, embrace patterns and texture, or reach back and utilize classic aesthetics from bygone eras. For 2023, there are many ways to tantalize the senses and create memorable windows using different trends in home decor for the year.

Bold & Moody Saturated Colors

For 2023, move beyond soft, delicate pastel colors and make a bold move with moody, richly saturated colors. Choose from darker shades like wine red, navy blue, forest green, or a jet-black coat of paint for window frames. Install window coverings in complementary jewel tones or darker palettes with pleated shades that drop from the top or lift at the bottom. Opt for classic Roman shades in dark colors, cordless rolling shades, or faux wood blinds to make a strong visual statement.

Texture & Details Take Center Stage

People are visual creatures that crave to touch and feel when they enter a room. Complement darker wood flooring or shaggy carpeting with woven rolling shades, wood blinds, or traditional plantation shutters. If you choose blinds, play around with the width of the louvers, and choose a prominent main window to cover that uses a different width than the rest. Layer window coverings, or enjoy a unique lighting experience with sheer or darker fabric pleats for modern trending window blinds.

Embrace Popular Looks From The Past

2023 is the perfect time to look to glorious decades from the past for exciting retro window treatment ideas. Bring antique or vintage details up to date in a modern form with shades or blinds that have a wider variation in color and style, use contemporary patterns, or change up the proportion. Make something beautiful and classic feel relevant and new again for 2023. Choose from wood blinds, aluminum blinds, patterned rolling shades, or traditional wooden shutters for a fun touch.

Future Forward Smart Blinds & Shades

Keep in touch with your home’s windows by installing a set of Somfy smart shades or blinds. Go cordless and control blinds at the touch of a button using a remote, voice control, or smartphone app. Or, choose to program when you want your window coverings to lift or open in time with music, the current lighting, or at a specific time of day.

When you choose smart blinds or trending window shades, you enhance your home’s ROI, visual appeal, energy efficiency, and enjoy greater privacy levels. For households with young children, pets, or older adults, smart shades are a safe and convenient option for easy operation and are cordless. Your home is your sanctuary in 2023, and the trend to choose smart shades and blinds is a luxurious option that is a delightful new addition worth purchasing.

Indulge In Opulence

After spending enough time holding back, 2023 beckons homeowners to indulge their senses and choose window coverings that make you fawn over your home and create a more luxurious, opulent atmosphere. Increase your home’s curb appeal and market value with trending window shades that use contemporary style, a range of opacity, and high-end textured fabrics. 

Choose trending colors and patterns for your window shades, but be careful about windows with strong sun exposure that could bleach certain window coverings. Enhance large windows, skylights, and door windows with elegant, trending, high-end shades or wooden shutters.

Ring In 2023 With Upgraded Windows

Reinvigorate your senses, open rooms to more lighting, and make your home the center of your universe with trending window coverings for 2023. Holding onto outdated window coverings can make your home feel tired, drab, and dull. Transform your dwelling with trending window shades that explode with color or have touchable textures. Or, choose varying louver widths for wooden blinds or shutters to make windows a visual showstopper in rooms. Create a new look for your home’s windows in 2023, and visit All About Blinds and Windows to discover fantastic, trending window treatments.

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Product Feature: Vignette Roman Shades

Posted by All About Blinds   |   December 6, 2022

Your windows deserve the best window treatment available. If you love the look of a modern, refreshing fabric window shade, why not consider installing Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shades? You can radically transform the lighting and mood in any room when you fully extend this fabric shade or show off a stack of beautiful folds. Enjoy a range of colors and opacity levels to fully control light filtering, gently insulate windows, and achieve a high-end aesthetic that evokes luxury.

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Spice Your Windows Up for Winter

Posted by All About Blinds   |   December 6, 2022

There’s no better season to spend time indoors with loved ones or indulge in hygge living than the wintertime. Whether you are nestled, safe and warm in the living room or enjoying a view of your yard and surrounding property, your windows are a prominent feature. You don’t have to wait for the holidays or the new year to start enhancing your home’s windows. Many delightful and stylish window treatments are available to create a more desirable, inviting atmosphere in every room. If you need some suggestions to design showstopping windows, we cover a variety of window treatments for winter to fit every home, no matter your lifestyle or budget.

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How Blinds Can Help You Save More Money

Posted by All About Blinds   |   November 1, 2022

The windows in your home aren’t only a point that provides ventilation and natural light; they also contribute to your energy bill. You have to compensate when you have window coverings that are ineffective at blocking out UV rays, and your home absorbs heat. The same is true for window coverings that allow cold air to leak into your home, throwing your set indoor temperature off. It would be best if you had suitable blinds for your windows that reduce reliance on your HVAC system and, in turn, save you money. Read on to learn how blinds can help.

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