Window Treatment Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Posted by All About Blinds   |   January 23, 2021

Like many of us, you are likely happy 2020 is over. Odds are you’ve spent a lot of time at home during the past several months, and you could stand to see a few changes in your décor. With the new year upon us, now is the best time to give your home a fresh look - New Year, New Home!

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Honeycomb Shades vs. Roman Shades

Posted by All About Blinds   |   June 17, 2013

Vignette-Roman-Shades.jpgThere is a wide variety of window treatments that a homeowner can choose from when revamping their home interior décor. These range from extravagant window treatments such as flowing draperies that puddle your floor in a manner reminiscent of the Niagara Falls to, well, the minimalist extreme of nothing at all. Today’s trend is leaning more towards simple, yet sophisticated, window treatments.

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