What Is R-Value and What Does It Have to Do with Window Treatments?

Posted by All About Blinds

April 16, 2020

window treatments r-valueFor most people, window treatments are a means to achieve privacy and control over the light that enters their home. They are also an integral part of your interior design aesthetic. But did you know that your blinds or shutters also help keep your home cool in the summer, or warm during the winter?

A quality set of blinds, shades, or shutters on your windows can help keep temperatures in your home consistent. This means window treatments can be an excellent investment when it comes to lowering your energy bills. They do this because of their insulating factors, which come from a measurement called R-Value. Read on to learn more about this important feature of your window coverings!

What is R-Value?

Simply stated, R-Value is how resistant a given material is to heat flowing through it. A higher R-Value means a higher resistance to heat passing from one side of the material to the other. The R-Value of a material is tested in an apparatus called a flow meter. A section of the material is placed between a hot plate and a cold plate. This flow meter then measures how the heat flows from the hot side to the cold side via radiation, convection, and conduction, and a number is assigned based on how well the material performs.

You might experience a very basic example of this in your kitchen when you cook. If you put a plain metal spoon into boiling water, the heat will creep up that spoon to burn your fingers. However, if you use a wooden spoon to stir that boiling water, the heat will stay where it belongs – in the pot, and not burning your hand.

What Does R-Value Mean for Window Coverings?

Any window treatments can make a huge impact on the temperature of your home, however, some materials and styles make a bigger difference than others. When selecting window treatments, it’s a good idea to inquire about the R-Values of your choices to gain a better understanding of what each choice will do for your home’s energy conservation.

If using your window treatments to help insulate your home and regulate temperatures is important to you, consider one of these options:

  • Cellular Shades: The most energy efficient option, offered in a wide range of fabrics including single or double cell.
  • Plantation Shutters: Available in classic finishes that complement your other decor. When installed properly, plantation shutters can deliver an R-value of up to 4.0!
  • Roller Shades: Available in various materials and patterns, all offering different R-values ranging from 1.3 to 1.8


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