Save Money and Warm Your Home with Cellular Shades

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September 21, 2016

Cellular Shades There are several ways to save money on annual energy costs. One great way to reduce energy consumption and add to the aesthetics of a home is to install custom window treatments. When an appropriate window treatment is installed, it blocks the heat from the sun, as well as prevents heat from escaping through windows. Selecting an efficient window treatment is easy if you know what your needs are in advance.

When shopping for window treatments there are several things to keep in mind, like:

  • What direction do your windows face?
  • Know the type of windows you are shopping for: are they insulated? Do they open?
  • What is the sunlight like at different times of the day, and during the different seasons?
  • Are your windows placed high or low, are they out of reach?
  • Are cordless window treatments best for your family?
  • Would a motorized or automated window treatment system improve your life?
  • What is your main priority: privacy, functionality, aesthetics?

All of these issues make a huge impact on what types of window treatments will best suit your home and lifestyle. If you familiarize yourself with the concerns listed above, shopping for new blinds, shades, or shutters will be a breeze. For example, if you know which windows let in the most heat and which windows lose the most heat, you will be better equipped to shop for a solution that will both aid in blocking heat and trapping radiant heat inside.

You could save a lot of money on annual utility costs by selecting blinds, shades, or other types of treatments that are designed to preserve energy. Cellular shades are by far one of the most energy efficient window treatments on the market because they have two layers that create an air gap between the shade and window. This design is why some people refer to cellular shades as honeycomb shades. Since the creation of air space between the glass and window treatment helps to insulate a home, cellular shades are more than suitable for any window. With fall right around the corner, installing these shades can help you to create a comfortable ambient temperature in your home.

Cellular shades are affordable and easy to install, they are also considered easier to operate than many other types of window treatments. These shades can even be connected to motorized and automated systems. In addition to being energy efficient, many of these stylish shades contain recycled fabrics. Modern cellular shades have crisp lines and defined shapes, yet also have an  alluring fabric texture, that softens those edges, making them a great choice to accentuate any home or office. Additionally, they are available in natural hues that can bring a warmth to your home during the cool fall weather.

R-value is the value assigned to an insulating material that describes its ability to resist heat flow (the higher the value, the greater the insulation). Many homeowners find the increase of R-value offered by cellular shades makes them the most logical choice for any window. The typical 3.5 R-value of a standard window can increase to a 7 R-value rating when cellular shades are installed. This significant increase in insulation value make cellular shades an investment that definitely pays for itself in the long run. By slowing down the transfer of direct sunlight and controlling radiant heat gain and loss, cellular shades help home and business owners to save a bundle all year long on energy costs.

At All About Blinds & Shutters, we are happy to help you select the perfect cellular shades to make your home’s temperature cozy in every room. You can refresh your home’s interior by installing our beautiful cellular shades, or any of our other window treatment options. All About Blinds & Shutters can help you save energy in your home this fall. Schedule an appointment for your in-home estimate here.

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