The Top 5 Upgrades Your Home Needs

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July 8, 2014

home_upgradesAs a homeowner you are probably always looking for different ways to upgrade your home.  Upgrading your home will help increase its value and will help you feel good about where you live.  But sometimes, coming up with unique new ideas to enhance your home can be difficult.  Therefore, we would like to make a few suggestions for improving your home - options you may or may not have considered.

1.  Motorized Window Treatments

Almost all window treatments can now be automated by using a variety of sources, including batteries and electronic controls. This is great if you have window treatments that are in hard-to-reach areas.  There are many benefits that come with having a motorized window treatment system installed.

  • the energy savings that come with motorization

  • helps keep the sunlight from damaging your home's interior surfaces

  • great for security as your blinds can be put on a timer to give your home an occupied look while you are away

  • adds comfort by allowing you to reduce excess light that may be causing a glare in your home

  • the convenience of not having to manually open and close your blinds several times each day

  • helps eliminate safety hazards such as the lift cords that come with manual treatments

2.  Custom Closets

Having enough storage is one thing, but having the right type of storage is another.  That's where having some custom closets installed can make your life so much easier.  Custom closets can be added just about anywhere:  bedrooms, a pantry, linen areas, laundry areas, a children's play area, your garage, etc.  Just like any other home upgrade, adding custom closets has many advantages.

Upgraded closets will give you more space, will save you time when you can find things more quickly and easily.  They will also give any room an instant upgrade and this in turn will increase your home's value.  Custom closets will also help save you money because you will be able to see everything you have in your closet and this will keep you from making duplicate purchases.

3.  Plantation Shutters

No other upgrade will give your home a more upscale look than plantation shutters.  In fact, plantation shutters are the most requested window treatment on the market today.  Additionally, plantation shutters are available in a variety of colors and styles such as: traditional, contemporary, rustic, and island settings.  You can also select some decorative molding to go along with your new shutters as well.  Here are a few reasons that plantation shutters are so popular.

  • don't require additional valances or draperies to achieve an upscale look

  • durability

  • low-maintenance

  • increase your curb appeal

  • energy savings due to their insulating properties and potential for light control

  • increase your home's resale value

4.  Retractable Screens

Most homeowners love retractable screens because they give you an unobtrusive view but still offer ventilation and pest protection.  So what exactly makes these screens so different?  Unlike conventional screens, they disappear into a sleek housing cassette when you're not using them.  This will allow you to have a great view without any distortion.  The benefits you'll receive from having retractable screens installed are undeniable.

  • easily control when you want the screen in place

  • clear, unobstructed view

  • retractable screens make it much easier to clean your windows

  • 50% more light when stored

  • reduced energy costs due to increased solar heat gain and having natural light versus using electricity to achieve a brighter space

  • never have to be removed and stored for the winter then reinstalled again in the spring

5.  Specialty Shapes Window Coverings

Finding window coverings for specially shaped windows can be extremely challenging for most homeowners. You may have some specialty arches, eyebrows, oval shapes, maybe some octagons or hexagons, circles or rake top openings.

The honeycomb shades and shutters are what's most commonly used to cover those types of windows. If you want something unique, just contact your local window blind company and ask them to show you what options they have for your specialty shaped windows.  They will then be able to show you several other great options from which you can choose.

Where To Begin

The first thing you will need to do is walk through your home and visualize what each one of these upgrades would look like if added to your home.  However, having samples to work with is a little easier than trying to visualize something you've never seen. This will give you the opportunity to see several different colors and textures to determine which ones will work best with your current decor.

If you give All About Blinds & Shutters a call, we will come out to your house and do a free estimate. From there, we will schedule an install date and begin to customize your new additions. Are you ready to upgrade your home?

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