Blinds vs. Shades: What’s the difference?

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July 9, 2020

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A lot of jargon gets thrown around in the process of shopping for window treatments, and it’s easy for all those terms to get jumbled in your mind. Curtains, draperies, shades, shutters, valances, blinds… It’s enough to make a homeowner want to close their blinds (shades?) and hide.

We’re here to shed some light on two of the most frequently confused terms: Blinds and shades are often referred to interchangeably when talking about window treatments. So what’s the difference between the two, and which should you choose for your home? 

Blinds and Shades – Same Purpose, Different Methods

Blinds and shades share the simple concept of covering your windows to offer you privacy and light control; however, they go about it in vastly different ways. The differences begin in the basics of their construction.

Blinds are made of hard, horizontal slats that span the width of your window. These can be raised and lowered to adjust how much window they cover. You can also tilt the slats to allow differing levels of light into your home.

Shades are made of one or several pieces of fabric. You can raise and lower the shade to reveal more of the outside and allow more light in. These shades can be bought either in very heavy, dark material to block out all light, or in lighter, translucent material that filters light while still offering full privacy.

Finding Which is Right for You

Choosing the right window treatment begins by asking yourself how you would like to control the light entering your home, and how you would like to approach privacy. The answers to these questions will guide you to the ideal window covering. There are no wrong answers!

If you prefer total privacy from prying outside eyes, but you would still like to enjoy the benefits of natural light, shades are where you should begin. They allow you to leave your windows covered at all times without sacrificing illumination. You can still raise and lower them if you would like to see outside.

If finite control over the light you allow into your home is important to you, and you would like the opportunity to take in the views around your home while still blocking out some light, blinds may be your answer. They allow you to see the great outdoors while controlling how much sunlight comes indoors. You can always close them for greater privacy!

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