Putting Natural Light to Work in Your Home's Interior Design

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February 28, 2019

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It is common for people to request that more natural light be incorporated into their homes during a remodel or change in interior design. Homeowners and interior designers alike have long appreciated the effects that natural light or “daylighting” has on the interior design in a home. Here’s how incorporating natural light can enhance the interior of your home.



Achieving the Right Illumination

While lighting manufacturers have made good attempts at replicating natural light with their bulbs and lighting fixtures, nothing beats the look and feel of natural light. So, while you may add more lighting fixtures to your room, be sure to add natural light, too. When done correctly, allowing the right amount of sunlight into your home can enhance the appearance of any room.

Natural light can:

  • Make spaces feel bigger and more comfortable than those illuminated with artificial light

  • Create an airier feel to your home and reduce or eliminate those stale, musty smells that darker spaces can develop

  • Make colors look truer, deeper and more natural, especially those presented in natural materials like stone, brick or tile

Natural Light is Beneficial to Our Health

Our bodies are naturally drawn to the sunlight even when we are indoors, and this is because of the health benefits that sunlight in moderation gives us. Increasing the amount of natural light in your home can help:

  • Reduce the anxiety and discomfort that harsh artificial lighting can sometimes cause

  • Better maintain the body’s circadian rhythm and improve Vitamin D and serotonin levels

  • Improve focus, productivity and creativity levels

  • Reduce the effects of eye strain caused from computer screens and artificial lighting

Natural Lighting Helps Make Homes Energy-Efficient and Comfortable

The right natural lighting can make your home more energy-efficient. It can reduce the need to add additional lighting during part of the day. Because of its warmth, you can also turn down your heat in sunlit areas on cooler days. And if you are adding windows or increasing the size of your existing windows to add more natural light, you could be adding to the value of your home.

Maintaining Proper Light Control

Of course, when you are talking about increasing the amount of natural light in your home, you need to stop and consider how can you properly control and filter it. This is an important consideration when you live in a sunny area like Florida where there is no shortage of natural light.

The right window treatments can increase the amount of natural light entering your home, control the amount of light coming in and enhance the interior design on your home. For example, solar screen shades are an excellent choice for filtering the natural light coming through your windows. They provide excellent glare control and U.V. protection while preserving the natural light coming in.

The experts at All About Blinds & Shutters can help you choose the perfect window treatments to help you achieve your goal of incorporating more natural light into your home’s interior design and controlling it where it is needed. Contact us or visit our showroom today!

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