Updating Your Window Treatments on a Budget

Posted by All About Blinds

March 1, 2022

If you are anxious to change the look and feel of your home, one of the best solutions is to upgrade your window treatments. The windows of your home are both a functional and aesthetic feature, allowing for light to filter in and fresh air. And, affordable window treatment ideas like shades, or blinds can create the luxurious windows you desire and deserve.


No matter the shape or size of your windows, you can refresh your windows’ appearance with a few clever styling tips and well-chosen treatments. Read on to learn how to upgrade your windows without going broke.

Time To Revamp Windows

You may be curious about how to update your windows without a large budget. When you strive to find a work-life balance and manage your finances, investing in your windows may seem frivolous. However, there are budget-friendly, types of window treatments that instantly improve the look of your home, all while remaining aesthetically appealing..


Ask yourself how the right window coverings can raise your home’s value and ambiance, lower energy costs, and still fit the constraints of your budget. Resist the urge to put updating your windows on the back burner and embrace available design and decor solutions, like those available at All About Blinds!


Fantastic Window Treatments

When you want to dress your windows with affordable window coverings, blinds are one of the most budget-friendly options. You can find a selection of wood or plastic light filtering blinds that are cordless, room darkening, and easy to install.

Blinds for windows are often a more inexpensive option to upgrade your window treatments!  Available in various designs to fit the needs of your home, they can provide the flexibility you need for your space, which can be used in conjunction with curtains or draperies!


Honeycomb shades and roller shades are two window treatments that make your space feel appear chic and luxurious. Over the past 20 years, there has been an increase in available fabrics and features of shades, allowing them to fit into any home seamlessly. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you can choose shades that are light filtering, provide privacy, or even UV protection.


With such an abundance of options, there are many that can fit into your home and enhance the design elements you’re looking for. 

What Window Coverings Are Right For You

Do you need budget-friendly window treatments for large or oddly-shaped windows? Are you curious about how to dress the windows in a small or large room or need to block out light? How you choose to style or dress your window should satisfy your sense of aesthetics and practical needs while still falling within your budget.


Before updating your windows, you need to understand your space and lighting needs. Aside from being a decorative space for your belongings, your window treatment choice should fit your lifestyle and enhance your space. 


Instead of focusing solely on finding the most inexpensive option, choose a decorative window covering that looks good, offers a wide range of light-filtering, and adds value.


If you have a room with a huge window, it may be better to install one wide rolling shade. Smaller windows look more upscale with a drop panel or blinds. Oddly placed windows may look better with rolling shades, or custom fitted shutters or Honeycomb shades


Don’t forget to factor in how much maintenance your modern window treatment will require over the years, how easy or difficult it will be to install, and ease of use.

How & When To Upgrade Windows

When you walk into a room, how does it make you feel? If your current window coverings are making you feel less than enthused about spending time in your space, it’s time for an upgrade. 


You don’t have to go for broke for the windows you truly want! Plan and assess how much time you are willing to dedicate to your new window coverings. Get excited about the process and tap into your creativity, find inspiration, and look at examples of what you want.


Consider timing fresh new decorative window ideas in sync with upgrading your windows to more energy-efficient or aesthetically-pleasing styles. One of the best times to take advantage of deals for window treatments is in early spring or late summer. Focus on installing window shades or blinds that modernizes your home,  increases your comfort, and suits your budget and lifestyle needs.


Update to Budget-Friendly Window Treatments 

Whether you fall in love with installing roller shades, cordless blinds, or vintage-style hardware, one significant upgrade gives windows a fresh, updated look. Take charge of your style, take the plunge to invest in your windows, and get professional results. Contact us today to learn more about getting the window treatments you deserve!