Window Treatment Solutions for Unique Shapes

Posted by All About Blinds

November 12, 2019

Octagon Burst

Uncommonly shaped windows give a house a unique flair. Whether you look at them from the inside, or wistfully as you pass by on the sidewalk, they catch your attention and hold it. The aesthetic of a lovely cathedral window, or a graceful arched window, can make a home’s individual personality shine. They can also pose a singular challenge when it comes to locating window treatments.

While most DIY blinds and shutters were designed for the usual squares and rectangles in the common areas, custom window options can be tailored to your unique windows and designed to enhance their appeal.

Options Abound for Octagons and Round

For octagonal, oval, and rounded windows, many beautiful shades and shutters offer not only functionality but an eye-catching appearance. There are options to give you the look you hope for and the utility you require. Shutters and cellular shades can be good options for your specialty windows!

Plantation-style shutters have earned a top place in today’s window treatment market for good reason. They have a striking, distinct look along with unbeatable functionality. Honeycomb shades are another popular choice for specialty-shaped windows. They keep light out effectively and offer both a gorgeous, textured look and privacy. For a truly gorgeous and artistic look, look to burst-style shutters!

Don’t Rely on Drapes for Challenging Shapes 

Not all specialty windows have an all-over unique shape. Arches, arched windows, and cathedral or pointed-top windows have standard dimensions on the bottom, but a top that breaks the mold. Each of these can be fitted with shutters or energy-saving shades for a type of utility that also saves you money on your energy bills.

Sliding glass doors also pose an interesting challenge for those who want both easy accessibility to the door and the ability to control the amount of light coming through. Traditional options (like vertical blinds and panel track shutters) may not provide the convenience you hope for, but more contemporary choices give you both light control and a striking look. Consider products like vertical Honeycomb Shades (like the HunterDouglas VertiGlide) or vertical roller shade sliding panels.

All About Blinds & Shutters Has Your Solution

If you have found yourself stymied for options to cover your irregularly shaped windows, it may surprise you to discover how many choices you have. Yet there are many window treatment designs with both the utility and beauty to suit your needs.

All About Blinds & Shutters has a passion for discovering the best style of window treatment for your uncommonly shaped windows. Contact us today for more information on a custom solution for your unique window needs!

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