Guarantee a Good Night's Sleep for Visitors Over the Holidays

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December 18, 2018

Window Treatments_Guests Sleep SoundlyInviting friends and family to your home is the perfect way to ensure that all your loved ones are gathered together for the holidays. Playing host during the holidays also typically involves having some overnight guests, especially if you’ve got a lot of family from out of town.

Getting your guest space together can feel like a daunting chore, but ensuring that your visitors get a good night’s rest doesn’t have to be. Use this guide to make sure anyone sleeping in your guest room gets quality shut-eye.

Clear the Clutter

Guest rooms are designed to house overnight visitors. When you haven’t had guests for a while, these spaces can quickly turn into short-term storage areas for items that don’t have a regular home within your house. Sleeping in your storage shed isn’t exactly ideal for guests, however.

If you know you have people staying with you, take some time to reorganize and remove items that don’t belong or could get in the way. Remove some of the clothing or clutter from the closet so your guests have space to hang clothing if need be.

Supply Extra Bedding

You may prefer your bedroom cool when you sleep, but your holiday visitors may feel frozen in your guest room. Supply them with extra blankets so they can get to sleep comfortably. Leave a selection of light and heavy blankets so they can find a combination that works without feeling bothersome for asking you for more blankets in the middle of the night.

Add Creature Comforts

When you go to bed at night do you walk into a dark room and immediately lay your head down on the pillow, and drift off to sleep instantly? If so, congratulations! Because you are an exception.

Most people need some wind-down time before they fall asleep. Add a few items to your guest room to keep visitors entertained. For many people, acclimating to a new space takes time, so being able to pick up a book or magazine is incredibly helpful. Things like an alarm clock, radio and phone charger also help your guests feel more at home and comfortable while they’re staying with you.

Improve Your Window Treatments

Window treatments play a major role in how a room looks, and for that reason, you’ve probably invested a great deal in them for your master bedroom, living room, and other important spaces around the house. But perhaps you’ve overlooked your less-used spaces, like guest rooms?

A lack of privacy, bright morning sunlight, and outside noise are all major problems for spaces that don’t have ample window treatments. For your guests, this can mean a night of tossing and turning and a frustrating early morning once the sun starts to creep in.

Updating your window treatments can transform your guest room and help your guests sleep better. Blackout curtains are one option, but solar shades and roller shades are often more cost-effective, durable, and modern. You can also choose Roman shades, wooden shutters or blinds. As an added benefit, filtering the amount of sunlight out in the room will help you minimize sun damage your floors and furniture.

Making guests feel welcome and helping them sleep soundly isn’t rocket science. Use these tips and you’ll have well-rested friends and family members to enjoy the holiday season with. For updates to window treatments, contact your local Jacksonville window treatments experts at All About Blinds & Shutters.

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