9 Signs It’s Time to Get New Blinds

Posted by All About Blinds

May 3, 2022

The windows are a prominent feature of any home and allow fresh air and sunlight to enter a space. However, when it’s time to redecorate, the window coverings are often an afterthought. 

While updating your window coverings may seem like a daunting task, it’s worth it in the long run. We covered what points we should not ignore about the windows when redecorating. Let’s look at signs it’s time to get new blinds.


1. Discoloration

When a room still feels dark, even after re-decorating, it’s time to look at the windows. Blinds are susceptible to becoming discolored over their lifespan, depending on their location. Kitchens and dining rooms expose window covers to food stains or water moisture. 

Windows with a lot of sun exposure can cause the color of slats to change or even blister or warp. And let’s not forget about how blinds can become yellow and caked with dust bunnies if not cleaned often enough. If a set of blinds looks older than it is because of deep-set dirt, debris, and discoloration, it’s time to get new blinds.


2. Maintenance Issues

Making time to clean various areas of the home can get complicated when short on time or certain areas aren't on your radar. The windows typically fade into the background when wiping down walls, vacuuming, or rearranging furniture. However, blinds and other window coverings eventually develop thick layers of unsightly buildup when not cleaned frequently.

Ideally, it’s good to clean blinds once or twice a month to keep up the appearance. However, a homeowner should consider how their choice of blinds impacts maintenance needs. Change to blinds with machine-washable fabric slats or switch to wood or vinyl. 


3. Outdated Style

Do you feel like your house doesn’t match the current style trends of 2022? Take another look at your blinds, as they could be the reason. You can redecorate a living room or bedroom using trending paint colors and furniture styles. 

But, if you neglect to change the window treatments and leave up blinds from 10 years ago, it could be holding back a recent style update. Rethink the blinds in your space and complement the current style. Choose from stained wood, fabric vertical, or switching from aluminum to vinyl.


4. So Over the Color

Is the color in a bedroom, bathroom, or home office leaving you feeling “meh” when you enter? When it’s not possible to make time to change fixtures or revamp the wall and floor treatment with a new color, changing the blinds is visually refreshing. 

Sometimes, the color of blinds that started off neutral become muted, warped, or makes a space feel sterile. Or, the color of slats from dated window coverings makes you feel lethargic, bored, or frustrated. If there was ever a time to get new blinds, it’s when the color is no longer working its magic.


5. Hard to Adjust Slats

Modern window coverings like blinds are supposed to be convenient. It shouldn’t be a struggle to adjust blinds that are supposed to offer a layer of privacy and filter light. However, it might become difficult to move the slats ‌over time. 

The blinds may only move in one direction, the cords or wand isn’t working, or there are a few warped, bent, or stuck slats. When it’s a pain or struggle to adjust the blinds, or you ignore changing the direction of slats because you can’t do so quickly, shop for new blinds.


6. Cut the Cords

Step into the future and enjoy the modern convenience and clean style of cordless blinds. Especially for homes with young children, pets, or elderly adults, cordless window coverings make life easier. 

Instead of worrying about cords, wands, or exposed implements posing a safety hazard, moving cordless blinds up or down should be effortless. Also, old-school blinds with cords may become damaged, tangled, or need replacing more quickly than newer styles. Even better, you can control some cordless blinds and shades using an internet-connected smart device.


7. Smart Home Ready

Put an end to tangled cords, manually adjusting the lighting in a room, or worrying about privacy or safety. Upgrade your home with a new set of motorized blinds or connect them to smart devices. 

Imagine the convenience of setting your blinds to open or close at the desired time using internet-connected devices or platforms. Set blinds to adjust for special events when guests are over, or even time them to music. As smart homes become more accessible and integrate modern technology!


8. Lighting Solution

Blinds combine style and function to provide privacy and cover lighting needs for a window. However, what do you do if your lighting needs to change? When work schedules change or a neighbor installs brighter outdoor lighting that streams into your home, room darkening blinds are an absolute must. 

Or, you may desire new blinds with thinner or wider slats to adjust the lighting or improve privacy. Remember, as your lifestyle changes, the blinds in your home should also change to improve your home’s function and style.


9. Style Obsessed on a Budget

There’s something so powerful and exciting about redecorating a home or a few select rooms. But, depending on the budget and time allotted, it might not be possible to overhaul everything on your list completely. If you love to redecorate spaces but have a shoestring budget, focus on the window treatments. 

Consider installing Plantation shutters, placing Roman blinds in kitchens or bedrooms, or switching from fabric blinds to something vinyl or wood. Don’t forget about customizing the color, slat size, and other features for blinds to create a new look for a bedroom, living room, or the whole home.


Update Your Window Treatments at All About Blinds

You don’t have to wait until your blinds look incredibly outdated, worn, or malfunction to refresh your window treatments. There are more than a few great reasons to update a space and install new blinds. Brighten up a room, improve privacy, or revamp the style of your home with an attractive, modern set of blinds.