5 Ways to Spruce Up the Guest Room for the Holidays

Posted by All About Blinds

December 6, 2020

The happy holiday season is upon us! It might be hard to believe, but the end of the year has crept up in the wake of months spent safely socially distanced at home. Menorahs and Christmas trees will shine in homes all over Florida in just a couple of weeks, and just before Santa arrives guests may be knocking at your door.

While it is best to keep holiday celebrations small this year, limiting both travel and the numbers of guests at gatherings, you may still have plans to host visitors. Perhaps a relative who is already in your bubble wants to stay a few nights, or grandparent has spent two weeks quarantined so they can see the family. You can make them feel right at home for the holidays with these easy ways to brighten your guest room! 

Upgrade Your Mattress for Comfortable Nights

Let’s face it - guest room furniture often gets short shrift. The night table you didn’t care for from the master bedroom gets stuffed in there, along with that dresser with the broken drawer or the mattress that got bumped when you upgraded. While your guests will forgive the ugly nightstand and the broken chest of drawers, they will not enjoy their nights on your old lumpy mattress.

Consider ordering an inexpensive memory foam mattress for your guests to relax on or investing in a comfortable mattress topper. Your well-rested company will thank you!

Nice Bedding Makes for Happy Guests

Clean, soft sheets on the guest room bed are a lovely way to welcome guests who have traveled far to see you. A high thread count and 100% cotton certification ensures they are soft and luxurious without breaking your budget. Check that your guests have plenty of blankets and comforters of various weights so they can customize their covers based on their preference!

Clean Out Closets and Empty Drawers

The future denizens of your guest room may want to hang up the nice clothes they packed for your celebrations - or store them somewhere other than their suitcase. Empty out that dresser (and fix that broken drawer) so that your guests can unwind without living out of their travel bags!

Prepare a Basket of Amenities for Your Guests’ Convenience

Guests love a little independence, and most of them don’t want to be a bother. They may feel hesitant to ask if you have a spare, unused toothbrush after forgetting theirs, or to ask where you keep the soap. An amenity basket in the guest room can eliminate this problem. Leave them a supply of disposable toothbrushes, travel-sized toothpaste, toiletries, and basic over-the-counter medication for common ailments. They will appreciate this thoughtful touch!

Install New Blinds or Shutters for Aesthetics and Comfort

You may have neglected to notice how the state of your guest room blinds has declined while you’ve spent time in other parts of the house. However, now is the time to give them a glance. Does too much light shine in at sunrise? Have the cords frayed? New blinds and shutters can refresh a room and help your guests sleep more soundly without extensive redecoration.

All About Blinds & Shutters is Ready to Spruce Up Your Guest Room

Looking to make sure that your guest room is the most comfortable around? All About Blinds & Shutters can help! Contact us today for more information on how to use window treatments to create a comfortable atmosphere, in your guest room and throughout your home.


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