3 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better

Posted by All About Blinds

October 17, 2019

sleep optimizationSleep is very important for your health. Lose out on rest enough, and you will find that poor sleep has long-term negative effects on both your physical and mental wellness.

Should you find yourself having difficulty getting enough rest, it may be time to overhaul your bedroom with black out shades, or a consistently cooler temperature. Creating a space conducive to sleep is the first step towards a healthier, happier you!

Darkness, Your Old Friend

Light plays a huge role in your quality of sleep. Your brain and body rhythms react to light as a cue to awaken. Total darkness informs your body that the time for a solid stretch of shut-eye has arrived.

One of the best investments you can make in your sleep is a solid set of black out shades. These window treatments can create deep, restful darkness that allows for quality rest. You can even fit side channels around the sides of your windows to reduce the strips of light that might escape a set of blinds.

The Blues

Most people have heard that blue light from electronic screens can have a detrimental effect on your sleep. Be certain you engage “night mode” if you need to use your phone or tablet around bedtime. Many laptops and computer screens offer this mode as well.

Conversely, greys, blues, and other cool-toned shades are very good choices for your bedroom walls. Warmer colors may have an energizing effect, which can then inspire wakefulness instead of rest. Bright or bold patterns may have the same effect. The right paint can set the stage for sleep.

Cool and Quiet

It may surprise you to learn that temperatures in the 60-67 degree range are the best for sleep. Cellular shades and other energy efficient window coverings can help you prevent the heat from the outdoors leaking into your bedroom.

Similarly, insulating shades can keep the noise from the outside from waking you. White noise from a fan or white noise machine may also help to mask the sounds. If all else should fail, a good set of earplugs may give you the quiet you need.

All About Better Sleep with All About Blinds

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