Window Treatments Perfect for Summer

Posted by All About Blinds

June 1, 2023


Summer is the perfect time to enjoy refreshing drinks on the patio, blast your air conditioner, or dip in the pool. Besides scheduling time for outdoor living activities, you’ll want to ensure your home is ready for the season. Summer window treatments impact your energy bills and how hard you’ll need to work your HVAC system to stay comfortable indoors. If you’re in the mood to transform your home, switch to summer-ready window coverings for a brand new look. Read on to discover blinds and shades that help improve your dwelling’s ability to keep cool all summer.

Summer Ready Windows

If you want to breeze through a Florida heat wave with no problem, you’ll want to ensure your home’s windows are ready for the summer season. Your property should be a sanctuary for you to find respite from the Florida heat, tropical storms, and humidity. The best window coverings should improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce solar gain, and make your windows a showstopper in every room.

First, you’ll want insulating windows, such as double or triple-pane glass with vinyl frames, and a low e coating. These qualities help stop energy loss through windows and keep cool air trapped inside your home. Next, you’ll want to install quality window blinds and shades that complement your wall treatments, furniture and decor. Don’t forget about summer window treatments for custom-shaped windows to beat the heat and add style.


Create The Perfect Setting For The Season

Before you choose summer window treatments for your home, think about your property’s layout and how air naturally circulates. It helps to redirect cooling air through your home with fans and air conditioning and block humidity from entering by closing select windows. Think about the direction your windows face, as you’ll want window coverings with insulating and sun-blocking capabilities for southern and western exposure.

Consider installing solar shades and transitional blinds for larger living rooms with a view of the yard, patio doors, and wide-set windows. Adjustable blinds with standard or wide-set slats are a reliable way to allow fresh air to flow into your home, stream natural lighting, and block unwanted heat and muggy conditions from heating your property.

Don’t forget about window treatments ideal for rooms with a lot of moisture, like laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Faux wood blinds are an excellent window covering that doesn’t warp like natural wood and is easy to keep clean. Choose reflective aluminum blinds to reflect UV rays and heat from the sun out of your house and stay comfortably cool all season. No matter what you eventually choose for your home’s windows, the ideal summer window treatment should improve energy efficiency and look visually appealing.


Elegant Window Treatments For Summer

Interior Shutters

Modern and traditional homes with vintage details both benefit from installing interior shutters. Wooden shutters with slanted louvers make your home look more luxurious, create a sense of privacy, and help keep humidity and heat out without cutting off natural air circulation. Choose from standard size louvers or wide-set louvers for a visually appealing look for the summer and all year long.

Rolling Shades

Rolling shades with or without a cord are the perfect summer window treatment. Embrace a more bohemian or nautical look with woven shades using seagrass, bamboo, or wood. Hang up classic Roman shades with a finely woven fabric and the right level of opacity to block out unwanted light, heat, and humidity. Choose from window coverings that softly diffuse light or completely blackout everything to fit your space.

Vertical Blinds

Move over standard horizontal blinds with aluminum, vinyl, or fabric louvers. Vertical blinds are a smart choice for contemporary homes, whether you are covering sliding windows, casement windows, or glass patio doors. Easily shift vertical window blinds in either direction to control lighting, improve air circulation, and stay cool during summer.

Honeycomb Shades Or Cellular Shades

Energy loss through windows and heat conduction makes it hard to keep your house cool in the summer. Choose cellular honeycomb shades because they are a thermal insulating window treatment, perfect for summer. The properties of this contemporary shade are so fantastic it even works well when winter arrives.

Faux Wood Blinds

If you love the look of natural wood but don’t want to commit to an expensive, heavy window treatment, consider faux wood blinds. You can easily adjust the louvers to keep intense heat during the afternoon out of your home or allow cooling nighttime air to flow through unobstructed. Faux wood blinds are a good option because they naturally resist humidity, heat, and warping. Plus, faux wood blinds work well in rooms that have higher moisture levels and wipe clean.

Solar Shades

It helps to have tinted windows with a low e coating and thermal insulation to reduce energy loss and heavy HVAC use to stay cool. However, if your home lacks windows with these qualities, solar shades are a smart summer window treatment. Solar shades are cordless and made using a tightly woven material in varying opacity to reflect UV rays, filter sunlight, and reduce solar gain and sun bleaching. You get similar benefits with a blackout shade, but with solar shades, you can still enjoy a view beyond the window.


Layer Window Treatments

Consider layering window treatments if you are in the mood for a bold look. If you install a shade with a low opacity level, add a set of blinds over it for contrasting texture. Hanging two types of window treatments increases insulation against solar gain, UV rays, and blocks heat and humidity from entering your home.


Start Summer Right With Quality Window Treatments

It’s a pleasure to dress your windows with elegant blinds and shutters that are easy to operate and visually appealing. Depending on your home’s unique needs, choose from rolling shades, classic blinds, or wooden shutters for a summer-ready look. When it’s time to adjust the lighting to block intense afternoon sun or allow cool fresh air to stream inside, you’ll want the best window treatments available. Visit All About Blinds and discover the best window coverings to complete your abode.