Window Shades Basics: An Overview

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December 30, 2013

custom shades and blinds JacksonvilleWhen you consider all of the different window treatment styles on the market, shopping for Jacksonville window shades and blinds is almost like shopping for new clothes. You want to maintain the latest trends and fashions, while still picking out something that is practical and flattering. Window shades are like a good pair of blue jeans, casual in their style, yet loaded with functionality and a dash of flair to top it off. Consider trying out some of the different styles below to determine which one is going to meet your home's specific needs.

Roman Shades                 

One of the various types of Jacksonville window shades and blinds that is growing in popularity is that of the Roman shade. This rectangle of fabric covers the window and blocks the light out. When you pull the shade closed, it lays flat. If you open it up, the hidden cords pull the bottom rail upward so the shade gathers together in a number of gentle horizontal folds. You can choose from Roman shades that are completely flat or those that are gathered. They boast a casual feel, but the effects they provide you with is anything but simplistic and dull. The light that filters through the window can reveal a texture that would otherwise remain hidden with drapes. To show off something special, these Roman shades will work perfectly.

Roller Shades

Similar to the Roman shades, the roller shades are mounted at the top part of the window, either inside of the casement molding or onto the wall directly above the molding. When you close these shades, they lie flat and provide a cover for the entire window. To raise the Jacksonville window shades and blinds, you simply tug on the bottom part of the rail and it coils the shade upward with a spring-loaded mechanism.  Depending on the color and material used to produce these shades, the cost will vary accordingly. These shades are often used along with other types of window treatments. These shades provide you with light control and privacy when you need it, but they can be hidden behind a valance or curtains when you desire.

Balloon Shades

The balloon shade is a type of window treatment that will catch your eye each and every time. They can either be functional or stationary. The stationary type of shade covers the top one-third of a window with beautiful folds of fabric to create a skirt effect that has the hem tucked up into the shade. If you opt for the functional type of balloon shade, it is similar to that of the Roman shade, but it has an abundance of fabric to it. When the shade is closed, it tends to pouf outward. When the cords pull the bottom part of the rail upward, the poufs end up becoming more gathered and tighter. If you have an elegant type of fabric such as silk, this shade will showcase it perfectly.

Pleated Shades

Beyond being known as pleated shades, they have also been called honeycomb shades and cellular shades. The material for these Jacksonville window shades and blinds is made of a coated synthetic fabric that is capable of blocking the rays of the sun, as well as insulate your windows. These shades are crisply creased into numerous horizontal pleats resembling an accordion. When they are closed, the shade hides the window, but it won’t lie completely flat. 

Cords are threaded into the holes along the side portions of the shade to help pull the bottom portion of the railing upward, which causes the pleats to end up compressed all the way to the header. Similar to the roller shades, these shades are often used along with any number of other window treatments. They come in an array of different transparencies ranging from blackout to light-filtering. You can choose them in any number of different colors to accommodate your specific wants and needs.

Specialty Shades

If you have windows that are unusual in shape and size, you can find shades that are designed to accommodate your unique needs. As an example, arched windows can end up letting more sunlight in than what you want, which can cause your floors and furniture to fade long before their time. Getting fan-pleated shades might work well because they will unfurl to cover the unusual panes along the top of your windows. If you have those tiny sidelights that surround your front door, several options exist. From roller shades to a skinny pleated shade, you can find something for everything. 

Consider the various types of Jacksonville window shades and blinds available on the market to find something that is going to work the best for you and your home. With All About Blinds, you are in complete control of the look and feel in your new window shades and blinds.

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