Window Maintenance Tips

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March 22, 2018

Never underestimate the value of window maintenance. While your panes and their frames may look solid, if you don’t take care of subtle but potent sources of damage, they can deteriorate rapidly. Therefore, it is essential for you to learn all the different facets of window maintenance and work them into your household routine. To keep your panes and frames in good condition for the long haul, make sure to:

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Cleaning your windows isn’t just about keeping them clear and letting light in. It also removes dirt and dust, which would otherwise build up on the components that you use to open and shut them. The longer you allow this debris to accumulate, the more damage it will do and the harder it will be to remove it. This makes it critical that you clean both the panes and the frames on a regular basis.

When cleaning your window frames, make sure to tailor your methods to the specific material they are made from. Wooden frames, for example, should be wiped down with a modest amount of water; don’t get them too wet, as this can cause them to rot. If the frames are made from aluminum or vinyl, use a mild detergent, gently scrubbing it over them with a soft brush.

For the glass itself, use a mild glass cleaner that will leave the panes spotless. Make sure to wipe the glass dry afterwards, as it will attract more dust if you leave it wet. Finally, wipe down any parts of your walls that are near your windows so that debris doesn’t gather there and extend onto the frame.


Besides keeping the window clean, you need to seal it off from the outside world. If there are any open spaces around the panes, they’ll let outside air into your home. This makes your summer AC and winter cooling less efficient, forcing you to spend more energy on climate control.

To eliminate this problem, inspect your windows on a regular basis. Look for moisture spots that have built up on the edges of the panes, as this is a sign of a broken seal. Whenever you identify an opening, close it up with caulk, spray foam, or a rubber seal. This will restore your home to full insulation.


Besides examining your window panes for broken seals, you should regularly inspect every other aspect of your windows as well. In particular, check the frames for signs of deterioration. If they’re made of wood, use a probe to see if they’re soft or wet; this is a sign of rot. Likewise, if your frames are warped or brittle, they’re likely suffering from sun damage.

If your frames are painted, identify any areas where your paint is thin and repaint immediately. You should also repaint your frames entirely every three to five years, as a fresh coat of paint will protect them from damage.

In addition to inspecting the frame, take a look at the components used to lock, lift, and lower each window. If these components are made of metal, look for signs of rust; if plastic, make sure they’re not cracked or broken. Any component that is broken or weakened should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, you might have trouble opening or closing the window. Worse yet, certain types of damage could cause your windows to fall suddenly, injuring anyone unlucky enough to have their hands underneath.


All About Blinds & Shutters offers an array of options to protect and enhance your windows. For instance, shutters offer a charming aesthetic, but they also help protect your windows from damage. They are installed tightly to the window frame and, therefore, have fewer gaps to let in damaging rays or precipitation.


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