Why Your Home Needs Motorized Shades

Posted by All About Blinds

March 3, 2022

Step into the future with an exciting, modern window treatment. Motorized window shades may seem like a luxurious splurge for your home, but the convenience of remote or voice-controlled window treatments is worth the investment. Compared to manual shades, motorized shades provide a layer of superior security and can be scheduled to adjust during the day.

There are many chic, designer shades in various styles and colors, allowing for improved control of light filtering without sacrificing aesthetics. Imagine being able to raise or lower your shades in sync with music or when you come home at the touch of a button. Somfy’s motorized roller shades are an excellent window covering for smart homes, skylights, oversize windows and last for years. 

About Motorized Shades

What are motorized window shades, and how do they differ from more commonplace, manual shades? Unlike standard shades that require you to change their position by hand, motorized shades are operational via a battery, motor, or DC connection. With the aid of a wall mount, smartphone app, remote control, or even voice-integrated smart controls, one can schedule or adjust smart shades.


For homes with children, pets, elderly adults, or where convenience is desired, motorized shades are safe, easy to operate, and look fantastic. Using motorized window shades, create a more luxurious living room, bedroom, or dining area. Choose from Roman shades, woven fabric, sheer, or motorized blackout shades to dress your windows.


Depending on the size of your window and choice of manufacturer, motorized roller shades may require rechargeable motors, a lithium battery supply, or another setup. With motorized shades, you can stay in total control of your smart home and lighting needs. Install modern, stylish motorized smart shades over windows that are hard to reach or cover if oversize.

Pros & Cons Of Motorized Shades

Even the best motorized shades from a trusted manufacturer or retailer have advantages and drawbacks. However, a motorized window treatment comes with more pros than cons!

The Advantages

If you love the convenience that comes with having complete control over your window coverings, motorized roller shades are your best choice. Choose from a smartphone app, wall mount, or remote control to adjust your home’s lighting and privacy levels with the touch of a button.


Readily adjust your shades to welcome you home, set the mood for an event, or move in time with your HVAC system or music. One of the fastest ways to increase a home’s aesthetic value and interest is installing luxurious-looking motorized window treatment. Choose from a range of wood, woven fabric, or even cellular shades.


A  motor for shades typically lasts for years or may require a recharge if it is outfitted with lithium batteries. You can expect your average motorized window treatment to last up to five years before needing servicing or a replacement. If there are safety concerns regarding window treatments and children, pets, or elderly adults, motorized roller shades or smart shades are a desirable addition to your home.


Increase or decrease the lighting level in your home to satisfy your comfort, reduce energy loss, or improve privacy. Outfit your home with motorized blackout shades or window treatments and set them to a schedule. When window treatments are motorized and automated, it’s easy to keep out prying eyes or block out unwanted light from outside your home.


The Drawbacks

Although motorized smart shades are convenient and have plenty of positive benefits, there are some disadvantages. 


The upfront cost to install the best motorized shades for your home is more expensive than standard, manually controlled window treatments.


Another point to consider when installing motorized shades is the power source. All windows may not accommodate motorized window shades with a DC power supply. 


You may have to recharge lithium batteries to adjust shades or change the motor. Any included wall mount, remote control, or smartphone app may need to be updated or modified too.


While every window treatment has their own drawbacks, the pros certainly outweigh the cons with motorized shades! But of course before you make a final decision, here are some things to consider:

  1. Factor in what type of motorized shades best fit your budget and home’s aesthetics.
  2. Consider the style, size, and placement of any windows with any motorized window treatment installed.
  3. Don’t forget to consider the cost and time spent on installation and maintenance.

Why Motorized Shades Are Perfect For You


If you want a motorized window treatment that adds significant value to your home, looks chic, and is reliable, motorized shades are an excellent choice. As more homeowners seek to improve energy efficiency, privacy, safety, and integrate technology to create a smart home, motorized rolling shades provide all of the above.


Keep in mind the average window treatment lasts anywhere from 3 to 10 years. Motorized shades offer convenience, reduce heat loss, filter light, and can be operated using a smart home assistant, smartphone app, wall mount, or remote. If you don’t adjust your motorized window treatment too frequently, the battery life for most motorized shades lasts an average of three years.

Rethink Your Window Treatment Possibilities 

Rethink the possibilities for your home’s window treatments and learn how motorized shades are a worthwhile investment in your home’s value and appearance. As the development of smart homes and automation is on the rise, having motorized shades is a desirable and stylish feature.


Enhance your home’s aesthetics and enjoy complete control over your lighting and privacy needs with motorized shades. Contact us today to get yours!