Why Window Orientation Matters for Your Home

Posted by All About Blinds

March 2, 2023

The window orientation throughout a home significantly impacts its energy efficiency, privacy levels, and lighting needs. Homeowners may desire to reduce heat or solar gain in southern or western windows or adjust the lighting in rooms with intense sun exposure. Specific orientations are a better match with insulating window treatments during the cooler months. It’s not always possible to overhaul your home and change out the windows. So, the next best solution is to work with your home’s window orientation and choose suitable window shades and blinds. Keep reading to learn more about why window orientation matters for your home.

How To Work With Window Orientation

Sometimes, the path of least resistance is the best option for homeowners. Ideally, you select a home for the layout, square footage, curb appeal, and desirable zip code. However, sometimes the window orientation can be a problem.

Use specific window treatments to style your windows and adjust for lighting, privacy, and energy efficiency. Typically, homeowners can expect the following if their windows face a specific direction:

  • North - Rooms with windows in this direction are often cooler and have indirect light.
  • East - The sun rises in this direction, providing welcoming light in the daytime.
  • South - Windows facing this direction can expect intense sun exposure during midday.
  • West - Expect strong sun exposure and UV rays between the afternoon and sunset.


Homeowners interested in the best window orientation for daylighting might love a home with plenty of windows facing the east and west. Using natural daylight is an excellent way to light and heat the house. However, there can be too much of a good thing during the summer. It’s best to choose window coverings that adjust for solar gain or reduce energy loss. The right blinds or window shades help maintain a moderate, comfortable indoor temperature.


A Word About Energy Efficiency

One concern many homeowners have is regarding the energy efficiency of their homes. After choosing windows with a desirable R-value for insulation, different window treatments can help improve the odds. Choose cellular window shades like honeycomb shades to insulate windows further and reduce energy loss through windows.


Homes with a window orientation facing the west may want to install solar screens to block out strong UV light or choose aluminum blinds. Unless there is a desire to increase solar gain and naturally heat the home, it’s better to block out the sun’s intense rays and heat. There is no best window orientation, as different people desire select qualities for their home and indoor environment. Follow common sense and make the best of your home’s windows, whether you want to keep your home cooler, warmer, or modestly temperate.


Fantastic Window Treatments For Your Windows

The window treatments that you install over your windows must be functional, stylish, and easy to operate. If you don’t need to adjust your window shades or window blinds often, consider installing automated window coverings. You can have your blinds or shades open or close at set times to adjust for privacy and lighting. Or, opt for cordless blinds or shades that you can easily raise or lower to let in the light or keep prying eyes out. Consider the following window coverings to dress your windows, according to their orientation.

Honeycomb Shades

Choose honeycomb shades if you want to insulate windows facing the north or south. The unique design of this window covering relies on individual cells that trap air. Plus, depending on the opacity of the shade, this unique window treatment still allows natural light to pass through without sacrificing privacy.

Wood Blinds

Avoid hanging wood blinds in the west, where they will get exposure to intense sunlight and UV rays. Windows with a western orientation may end up with bleached or warped louvers if you have wooden blinds. Instead, create a warm, cozy feel and hang wood blinds in rooms where windows face the north or east.

Vertical Fabric Blinds

Soften any space and gently diffuse light using chic, vertical fabric blinds. Choose this window treatment to enhance privacy and improve lighting. Adjust the tilt of the vanes to easily add to the insulation properties of your window or withstand intense light and UV rays. Choose vertical fabric blinds for a window orientation facing all directions. You can entirely block out the sun, improve air circulation, reduce energy loss, or flood a room with natural light.

Solar Screen Shades

A solar screen is a nice option for larger, wider windows facing the south or west. During the winter time, this style of window treatment helps improve solar gain to warm your home naturally. In summer, a solar screen helps reduce the intensity of UV rays and natural sunlight, so the indoor temperature stays comfortable.

Roman Shades

Choose Roman shades for rooms with a window orientation that could use added insulation. Depending on the opacity of the shade, if it’s fabric, woven wood, or another material, it will impact lighting and privacy. Cool a hot southern or western window, or add warmth to a cooler room with a northern or eastern orientation.

Plantation Shutters

Discover window coverings that naturally keep your home cooler in the summer heat and warmer during winter. Plantation shutters have a wide variety of Frames and Louver options that make them a great solution for Traditional, Modern, or Contemporary Homes.  Their design is perfect for maintaining a desired level of privacy, air circulation, and lighting. The best place to install plantation shutters is windows facing the east and west.


Embrace And Enhance Your Home’s Windows

You can’t always upgrade or adjust the widows in your home. However, you can learn to work with the window orientation in your kitchen, living room, and bedrooms to improve lighting, privacy, and energy efficiency. Enhance your home’s overall ambiance, add or reduce solar gain, and reduce relying heavily on your HVAC system to keep your abode comfortable. Whether you have a modern or older home, choose smart, chic window blinds and shades to dress your windows in every direction. Discover elegant, practical window treatments for your home at All About Blinds.