Update Window Coverings for Safety, Retrofit Your Home

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August 30, 2016

safer window coveringMany older window treatments use simple, manual cords and pulls to allow you to raise and lower them. While these cords are functional, they can be unsafe if you have small children in your home. They may even be problematic for some rambunctious pets like puppies and kittens.

Retrofitting your current window coverings can be a fairly simple procedure though, and even if you aren’t too familiar with window treatments, it is likely something you can do on your own. Keep reading to learn more about updating your window, curtains, and the overall style of your home in the process.

Use Cord Stops

blinds cord stopsHorizontal blinds and corded shades can be modified by most homeowners with relative ease. Before you do anything, take a few minutes to snip the looped pull cord above the tassel and remove the equalizer buckle if there is one in place. Next, insert the cords back through the tassels and tie the cord at the end underneath the tassel bottom.

To start using cord stops, lower your window coverings to their full extended length and make sure the top of the pull cord is in position at the head rail. Next, grab a portion of the cord to make a circular loop near the head rail at the top.

Slide the cord stop over the looped cord and slip the free end through the loop to make a knot. Tighten the knot to secure the cord about two inches below the head rail to limit movement over time. Make sure children can’t reach the cords to untie them.

Install Cordless Shades

If you like your current window treatments, but need a new version due to wear and age, updating should be relatively easy and painless. When you do update, consider installing cordless shades.

Or, All About Blinds and Shutters can do you one better with motorized window coverings. Motorization is the ultimate in cordless window treatments. Motorization completely eliminates the hazard of window cords for children and pets, while also being stylish and convenient. Additionally, you can put motorized shades on a timer, which can ultimately save you money on your energy bill.

Seek Help Retrofitting Your Window Treatments

Horizontal blinds and corded shades are easy to retrofit on your own, but other types of window treatments are often much more difficult to modify to protect your children. If you have Roman shades, roll-up blinds, bottom-up top-down shades or flat shades, seeking help retrofitting your window treatments is often a better choice.

Contact All About Blinds and Shutters to learn more about how you can eliminate cords or retrofit them to make your window treatments safer for your home. We have the expertise and the custom window treatment options you need to keep your loved ones safe.

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