Top 10 Window Treatment Trends of 2016

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February 22, 2016

It can be a frustrating venture when deciding on what type of window treatment is right for your rooms. Maybe you feel as if you are stuck in the wrong decade and your aesthetic preferences won’t quite fit with the room you want to spruce up. Maybe the many options for new window treatments are overwhelming. Rest assured that while there are a multitude of options for window coverings, there is no need to be intimidated.


Embark upon a new design adventure with the hottest window treatments trends of 2016.

  1.  Go Organic

Why go limit your organic eco-friendly initiatives to just food? Give your new window treatment an organic flair as well. All it involves is a bit of bamboo and matchstick. The best thing about these shades is that they diffuse light so you can see outside while still enjoying your personal privacy.

  1. No Color Is Too Bold

When exploring all of your new window treatment options, don't be afraid to use lots of color. The old idea of sticking with neutral colors in every room will not only show your age, it will darn near carbon date you. Safe colors that are light and match everything are just that: safe. You want to show confidence in the design scheme you chose. Do not be afraid to be bold.

  1. Live Up Luxury

Maybe bold color isn't quite your thing. Why not try exploring unorthodox material options? Velvets, damasks, and silks are all the rage this year. The fabric is durable, plus the panels will last a long time, so you will definitely get your money's worth out of the upgrade.

  1. Simple, Yet Stylish Bamboo

Break away from traditional industrial hardware and things that sparkle. Maintain a more natural feel with bamboo shades. They match just about any color paint and they're less expensive than luxury fabrics. Another perk to upgrading to bamboo shades is that they’re environmentally conscientious.

  1. Mix and Match

For a softer look that lets in more light than pure luxury fabric why not consider using a blend of velvet and grosgrain? Similar to silk, grosgrain is a simple alternative for those that show a bit of luxurious flair but without being too ornate. The blend of velvet gives some color without being too overbearing.

  1. Go with Lines

Whether they are checkered, straight horizontal or vertical, adding a window treatment with lines is a great way to make a room appear clean and inviting. Plus it adds a more modern appearance to the room.

  1. Prints That Impress

For 2016, bold print is a great option. Vibrant patterns and geometric patterns offer a youthful approach to window treatments. If the old world luxury look is not for you, why not explore what geometry has to offer instead?

  1. Gorgeous Silk

Always a luxury fabric, silk does not have to be a single color. Look for silk embroidered patterns, plaids, and jacquard panels.

  1. Go High Tech

Want to give your room a real upgrade? Why not install some technology? Many rooms now have remote controlled window treatment options for blinds or shades, which makes everyone's life a little easier.

  1. Be Health-Conscious

Upgrade to an anti-microbial window treatment. There are even anti-fungal traits that can be woven directly into each of the non-toxic dyed panels. If you happen to be one of the many that suffer from allergies, you can even get panels that are stain-resistant and mold- and mildew-resistant.

Our experts at All About Blinds can help you take old ideas and make them fresh. With our custom window treatments and well over three decades of experience behind us, the perfect window treatment to suit your lifestyle and reinvigorate your home is just around the corner. Contact us here for a free estimate today.

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