The Look of Layers

Posted by All About Blinds

March 22, 2012

Everyone loves the look of layers. Now, you can incorporate that same stylistic approach to your window treatments. Layering your shades gives it a modern twist and allows you to play with different colors and styles when you can’t decide on just one.

One of the best ways to incorporate the look of layers in your window treatments is by starting with your favorite patterns. Do you love the look of stripes, plaid, floral? Choose your favorite pattern and have fun with it. Match the colors to your existing living room décor or use our blog about colors to help you choose your favorite palette.

Once you’ve settled on your favorite color and pattern that will be your curtain of choice. Next, it’s time to find the second portion for layering. Try natural, roll-up shades for the second layer. This will lay underneath your chosen curtain and it should remain a neutral color. For this second layer, we recommend the roll-up shades or honeycomb shades – keep it natural and sheer.

Then, it’s time to tie the look together. Browse some of the pictures below where the homeowner and designer got it right:

layered window treatments

layered windows

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