The Best Window Treatments for Your Florida Room

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May 12, 2021

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It may be difficult to believe, but summer has nearly arrived! The numerous hours of sunshine mean our brightest rooms have started up their siren song, begging us to come sit and read, or nap, or take our lunch in the natural light. For those fortunate enough to have sunrooms, also called Florida rooms, these days are a special treat not to be missed.

However, you may not always want your sunroom to take in the full brunt of sunshine. The warmest days may call for a bit of shelter and shade. The right window treatments can offer you a bit of shade while still allowing that gorgeous golden light to fill your sunny room!

What is the “Right” Window Treatment for Sunrooms?

Sunrooms, or even just rooms in your home where you want to make the most of the summer sun, require a special touch to keep that natural glow. You want to reduce the glare from the bright light, and perhaps offer a bit of shade when the sun hits from the wrong direction, true. However, you do not want to block too much, or obstruct your view outside.

These conditions rule out a number of window treatment options. What remains are window treatments designed to offer versatility and temperature control without hindering the best features of a sunroom.

Solar Shades for a Sunny Setting

Solar shades provide protection from the excess sun or light. Roll these woven shades down for additional privacy, or to keep the sun off electronic screens where light creates a difficult glare. Some models even come with motors to do all the work for you!

You can find solar shades in a variety of weaves, from very tight to loose and airy, to create the light protection solution of your dreams. They also come in many colors to suit any aesthetic. Dark solar shades are best for controlling sunshine, but allow more heat in than their lighter counterparts.

Plantation Shutters – Timeless Style and Light Control

Plantation shutters offer a bold, classic aesthetic that matches almost any style. You might wonder if they are too heavy to work well in a sunroom, given their construction, but never fear. There is very little these timeless window treatments can’t offer in terms of privacy and customized light control.

These shutters come in a variety of colors, stains, and materials. You can open or close the slats to allow as much or as little light in as you wish. Whether you’d prefer a little darkness for napping or reading screens, or you want a room bathed in sunshine, plantation shutters can do it all!

Let All About Blinds & Shutters Shine a Light on Window Treatments for Your Home!

Whether you’re hoping to control light in your sunroom, or you want to refresh the aesthetic of any room in your home, All About Blinds & Shutters can help! Our experts can assist you with choosing the right window treatments for you. Contact us today!

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