Spring Cleaning Your Blinds

Posted by All About Blinds

March 2, 2023

Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition. When warmer weather returns and winter slips away, it’s the perfect time to clean your home. However, your blinds are one thing that needs special attention and care during this time. Unless you stick to a monthly maintenance schedule, it’s easy for blinds to have dust buildup, stains and look shabby. We have some fantastic spring cleaning tips for blinds so that they can look their best. Read on to learn more about how to clean blinds for spring.

Welcome The Arrival Of Spring With Clean Blinds

The appearance of your blinds matters. After languishing over the winter months, there’s nothing like giving your blinds a good spring cleaning to refresh this window covering. Dust, stains, and discoloration can tarnish your blinds and affect how you feel about your home.

So, do you have questions about how to clean your blinds for spring? Caring for your blinds is easy if you have a few different tools around the house. You will want to gather some of the following materials:

  • A soft microfiber cloth
  • An old sock
  • Sponge
  • Bucket of lukewarm water
  • Gentle detergents like dish soap or a mild cleaner
  • Vinegar
  • Vacuum with attachments

Certain blinds should not have contact with water, and the louvers might react adversely to harsh chemical cleaners. Use common sense when choosing a method to clean your blinds, so you can enjoy them for years.

How To Care For Different Window Blinds

There are so many wonderful options for window blinds beyond the standard, neutral-colored vinyl window covering. Today’s modern homeowners can choose from wood, fabric, metal, and unique honeycomb blinds to hang over their windows. Different types of blinds should be approached with care when it’s time to clean them.

You want to choose appropriate cleaning tools, and the best cleaning window blinds methods to protect against damaging the louvers, or any cords and attachments. Learn more about how to care for your window blinds and improve the look and performance of your window treatment. Our helpful tips for cleaning specific types of blinds should help you approach spring cleaning your blinds like a pro.

Vertical Fabric Blinds

Readily adjust the lighting in a room with elegant, modern vertical fabric blinds. When fully closed, the fabric vanes block unwanted light and improve the indoor temperature. Enjoy a modicum of privacy or fully close your window from the outside world with vertical fabric blinds. Depending on the opacity of the fabric vanes, the level of light filtration will vary.

Are you curious about how to clean your fabric blinds for spring? Check the manufacturer’s suggestions because sometimes you can dry clean or machine wash the fabric vanes. Otherwise, plan on running a vacuum over your fabric blinds and spot-treating it with a dampened microfiber cloth or sponge. Do a spot test to ensure your cleaning solution doesn’t discolor or damage the blinds.

PVC Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are desirable because they allow for a full range of privacy and still allow the light in. Additionally, vertical blinds can pivot to help improve air ventilation when it’s cool or hot during the day. If fabric blinds don't suit your fancy, PVC vertical blinds are a fantastic option for your window. Choose vertical blinds for wide windows leading to a deck, porch windows, bedrooms, or living rooms.

You should be able to safely wipe down each panel of your PVC vertical blinds with a moist sponge or microfiber cloth. Before using a wet cleaning solution, wipe down each vane with a sock or feather duster to pick up debris. Then, you should be able to clean each section, moving from top to bottom to remove stains. Avoid oversaturating your window blinds and allow them to air dry.

Faux Wood Blinds

Because faux wood blinds look like wood but use manufactured materials, they can tolerate a little moisture when cleaning the louvers. However, avoid soaking faux wood blinds to improve their performance and longevity. Move carefully, working from top to bottom, left to right, to pick up dust with a sock or microfiber cloth. Next, you can use a slightly damp sock or soft cloth to wipe down the louvers. Do not soak faux wood blinds.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are typically heavier than other options but look sophisticated and timeless. Choose from wood blinds in a medium or dark brown stain for living rooms, dining rooms, or offices.

Unfortunately, you cannot immerse wood blinds in water and should keep wet cleaning products to a minimum. However, you can gently remove dust and debris on each louver with a soft cloth. Add a light amount of polish to spruce up the wood staining if you wish.

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum window blinds are durable, easy to clean and last long with proper maintenance. Be cautious if you hang this style of blind in a window with strong sunlight, as the louvers may get a bit hot. However, aluminum blinds are excellent at reflecting sunlight and UV rays away from your home when fully closed.

Gently wipe down each louver with a feather duster or soft cloth to pick up dust. Then, go over both sides of the window blinds with a damp cloth if needed. Allow to air dry and avoid oversaturating with a wet cleaning solution.

Vinyl Blinds

It’s best to hang vinyl blinds in windows that don’t receive strong sunlight, which could warp or discolor the louvers. Also, it helps to dust the louvers once a month using a vacuum attachment or soft cloth. When cleaning vinyl blinds, work from the top down, moving from side to side.

If you are interested in washing your blinds, vinyl blinds can tolerate immersion in a bath of water and dish soap or a diluted vinegar bath. You can also wipe down the louvers of vinyl blinds with diluted vinegar using a sponge or soft cloth.

Enjoy Sparkling Clean Blinds For Spring

How you treat your window blinds sends a clear message about your style, lighting needs, and housekeeping. When spring arrives, improve the appearance of your window blinds by doing some spring cleaning. If you love modern, upscale window treatments, visit All About Blinds to discover more.