Spice Your Windows Up for Winter

Posted by All About Blinds

December 6, 2022

There’s no better season to spend time indoors with loved ones or indulge in hygge living than the wintertime. Whether you are nestled, safe and warm in the living room or enjoying a view of your yard and surrounding property, your windows are a prominent feature. You don’t have to wait for the holidays or the new year to start enhancing your home’s windows. Many delightful and stylish window treatments are available to create a more desirable, inviting atmosphere in every room. If you need some suggestions to design showstopping windows, we cover a variety of window treatments for winter to fit every home, no matter your lifestyle or budget.

Upgrade Your Windows With Stylish Treatments For Winter

It doesn’t matter if you live in an older home or a newer construction; you can always find ways to enhance your home’s windows. Layer different window treatments to add texture and visual interest or improve privacy and lighting needs from your bedroom to your living room. You can also find window shades or blinds that raise the R-value of your home’s windows and help reduce energy loss.


Rethink your windows and how you dress them, as different blinds and shades will radically transform your space. Use the best window coverings for cold winter to diffuse bright light, increase solar gain, or keep you cozy and warm without relying heavily on your HVAC. Don’t forget about reviewing cordless blinds and shades for a safe experience for homes with pets, young children, or elderly adults.


When it’s time to hang seasonal decorations over your windows, or you want to change the style and energy in a living room, kitchen, or entryway, the best choice of blinds or window shades will satisfy your inner interior decorator.

Plantation Shutters

If you have the privilege of living in an older home with vintage details or want an exciting feature for a more modern home, choose Plantation shutters for winter window coverings. Remember, these traditional shutters work well year-round to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 


Discover the beauty and easy operation of Plantation shutters with a hidden tilt or wider vanes. You can adjust these window coverings for room darkening or allow a modest amount of light and ventilation without sacrificing privacy or style.

Honeycomb Shades

One excellent option for insulating windows for winter is the lightweight honeycomb shade. Due to the unique design of this window shade, it consists of individual cells which trap air and keep your room warmer or cooler. Opt for a honeycomb shade if you desire an energy-efficient window covering with premium style and a cordless look.

Wood Blinds                                                                                                                                              

This style of blind provides a touch of warmth and sophistication when hung over a window. Choose wood blinds to block out light when you need room darkening, or adjust the vanes to allow a modest amount of sunlight in the morning.


Wipe wood blinds clean or regularly dust them to keep them maintained. Select wooden blinds in a light or dark stain to create visual interest and complement the rest of the décor in your room. For odd-shaped windows or where needed, you may want to install wood blinds over the window for optimal coverage.

Woven Wood Roman Shades

Whether you have a room with a more earthy feel, nautical details, or an eclectic bohemian style, woven wood Roman shades work well as a winter window treatment. If you want window coverings with an aesthetic that falls between natural wood slats and fabric, this option might be the right fit.


Depending on the opacity of the shade, you can softly diffuse light or have a medium level of light blocking. If you need room darkening, you may want to layer another type of window treatment with woven wood Roman shades.


Fabric Roller Shades

Dress windows in a room with a modern, traditional, or industrial look with fabric roller shades. Choosing this type of window treatment for winter gives your room a refreshing, contemporary vibe. Depending on the color and opacity of the window shade, it’s still neutral enough to complement wintry holiday touches without stealing all of the attention visually.


Select fabric roller shades if you desire a cordless window covering that has a clean, crisp look. It provides ample coverage to block out cold drafts and adds a modest amount of insulation to windows. If you don’t like fabric window shades or blinds that have a stacked look when you lower or raise them, you’ll fall in love with this option.

Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shade

Deck out your windows with a stunning window covering for winter using hunter Douglas Vignette Roman shades. Make sure to have a professional install this style of shade for windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling, casement windows, or single-hung windows for a stunning, contemporary style. Enjoy the warmth and texture of fabric vanes that stack or fall beautifully, or have them hidden out of sight when you want an unobstructed view.

Somfy Motorized Smart Shades

Step into the future and enjoy the convenience of motorized smart shades from Somfy. Say goodbye to cords and use your smartphone app or remote control to adjust these window shades at the touch of a button. With Somfy motorized smart shades, you give your windows and room a cleaner, modern profile. Insulate your window against chilly winter drafts, increase lighting when the sun is out, and keep your home more secure.

Create Fabulously Festive Windows For Winter

Indulge your senses with beautiful, functional window treatments that are perfect for winter. Complement a more industrial or modern look with insulating cellular shades or motorized blinds or shades. Create softer lighting and introduce visual interest with textured Vignette Roman or woven wooden shades. 


Winter is the perfect time to hunker down, live in the moment, and have beautifully dressed windows. Learn more about blinds and shades that bring your windows into focus and enhance your home’s appeal. Visit All About Blinds to discover more fantastic window coverings.