Reasons You Should Change Window Treatments with the Seasons

Posted by All About Blinds

March 15, 2021

Window treatments transform the look of our homes, but they serve more purpose than simple aesthetics. Your blinds, shutters, or shades can also play an important role when it comes to your comfort in your home! 

Whether you want to keep a room warm when the weather has turned cold, or you want to keep the hot temperatures of summer outside where they belong, there’s a window treatment to suit your needs. This begs the question: Should you change your window treatments as the seasons change?

Shutters with Divider RailsNew Season, New Challenges for Window Coverings

Every season presents a challenge for controlling light and privacy without compromising the efficiency of your climate control. Window treatments are your first defense against temperature creep and heat leaching either out of your warm home or in from the outside. This presents a practical reason for changing window treatments with the seasons.

A less practical yet entirely valid reason to change window treatments with the seasons is to change up the aesthetics of your decor. With everyone spending more time at home, you may find that a change in design is a welcome refresh to your surroundings. Changing your window coverings can provide a welcome lift to both your design theme and your spirits.


When selecting a seasonal window treatment, it is important to consider your goals for that season. In the winter, you may wish to maximize both the available light during the shorter days and the energy efficiency of your window coverings. During the summer, however, you will likely want to keep the heat out while dampening down the hours of light that might create glare on television sets or simply be too much.

Honeycomb shades can allow for brighter rooms while utilizing their unique design to prevent heat leaching during the winter months. They can also keep heat outside where it belongs during the summer, instead of inside your home. Heavier shades can both prevent poor energy efficiency while allowing you to better control the light in a given room.

Roller shades in lighter hues or patterns and lighter, brighter blinds can bring spring into your home by providing a pop of color! Customize your spring aesthetic with different materials and shades. Blinds and shutters are also perfect to help cope with autumn’s temperamental weather and light extremes.


Looking to better maximize your control over light in your home? Finding that summers are too hot and winters are too cold, and you want to do something about it? All About Blinds & Shutters has window solutions for every seasonal challenge. Contact us today for more information!

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