Benefits of Motorized Shades in Your Home

Posted by All About Blinds

September 6, 2022

Window treatments like shades and blinds provide style, control lighting, influence a home’s energy efficiency, and offer privacy. Today’s modern homeowners realize the benefits of installing motorized shades, including convenient controls to change the ambiance to set the ideal mood instantly. Are you curious if motorized shades are the perfect upgrade for your home’s window treatments? Read on to learn more about this unique window covering.


How Do Motorized Shades Work?

Standard shades and blinds require manual operation using a cord, chain, or another implement to change their position. Because of technological advancements, rechargeable, battery-operated, or integrated motorized blinds connected to a home’s electrical wiring are more future-forward and trending.

Instead of dealing with the hassle of having to raise or lower shades manually to adjust for lighting or privacy needs, motorized window shades are a preferred option. Imagine the convenience and comfort of operating motorized shades using one-touch operation via a smartphone app, tablet, or voice-controlled smart home assistant.


Why Motorized Shades Are Ideal For Your Home

There are more than a few benefits to installing motorized window shades. Although motorized shades may be a considerable investment, they prove ‌they are worth the cost and time to install. Discover some fantastic benefits of having motorized rolling shades in your home.

Zebra blinds, Roman shades, and cellular shades are various types that work well as motorized window shades. It is best to have a certified professional install motorized window treatments for convenience and to ensure performance.


Ease of Use

Say goodbye to using cords, pulls, rods, or other manual devices to change how window coverings like shades allow light to stream through windows. With motorized rolling shades that are operable with remote control or a smartphone app, it’s effortless to raise or lift shades without fear of tangles or an uneven window covering that’s at an odd angle. 

Smart Home Ready

Motorized shades like those available from Somfy particularly interest homeowners because they are smart home ready. Using an app via a tablet, smartphone, or internet-connected home assistant, it’s a breeze to change the settings of shades. 

Imagine the possibilities of staying connected to a home’s window treatment from a smartphone while still at work, commuting home, and being able to control lighting and privacy levels. 

Modern life calls for smart shades that move according to a timer to raise or lower at a desirable length. Use technology to change the position of motorized window shades to set the mood at a party or rouse sleepers to wake in the morning. 

With innovative home technology and motorized window coverings, there’s no need to walk over to adjust shades manually. Smart motorized window shades let homeowners confidently take control of their home, lighting and privacy needs at the touch of a button.


Easily Control Lighting and Privacy

With a remote for shades in hand, it’s effortless to adjust motorized zebra shades to adjust a home’s lighting and privacy needs. When away at work or on vacation, smart shades set to a timer helps thwart would-be thieves or nosy neighbors from peering inside.

Another benefit of motorized shades is protecting furniture and hardwood flooring from UV sunlight and bleaching. Protect precious artworks, vintage furniture, and modern home decor from excessive heat, discoloration, and keep the indoor climate comfortable with contemporary motorized window treatments.

Improve Safety

When a household has young children, elderly adults, or pets, window coverings with strings, cords, or other implements may pose a safety hazard. So as to lessen the risk of accidents, motorized window shades provide a chic, cordless option that is easy to operate from a distance without fear. Plus, the look of shades without excessive visible accessories looks clean and is always in good taste.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Maintaining a comfortable indoor climate and keeping energy bills low are desirable as the seasons and weather changes. Many homeowners appreciate window treatments like motorized shades because they optimize energy efficiency. Using a remote for shades that are motorized, it’s a cinch to raise or lower coverings to block out UV rays, allow more natural sunlight in, and minimize lost heat or cooling indoors.


Give a home’s window treatments a good start and hire a certified professional to install motorized shades properly. Once smart shades can connect to an app or smart home, they should last indefinitely as long as there is little to no mechanical damage. 

Otherwise, homeowners can delight in stylish shades that last an average of 5 to 10 years when recharged and appropriately maintained. Don’t forget how often motorized window shades get raised and lowered throughout the day will impact longevity.


Low Maintenance

Motorized shades are relatively low-maintenance to clean and keep up their appearance. Depending on the material of the shades, most window treatments like motorized cellular or Roman shades can withstand getting vacuumed lightly with an attachment to remove dust and debris. 

Gently lift stains using a damp sponge or soft cloth and soap and water, or hire a professional cleaner for severe blemishes. Don’t forget to disconnect shades from their power when cleaning and that they are fully dry before resuming regular use.

Enhance Your Home’s Value

It’s always nice to enhance a home’s appeal and make it a more attractive catch on the real estate market. Increase the value of a home by installing beautiful, tasteful motorized shades in a neutral shade that works with many decor styles and aesthetic treatments. 

Because many homeowners love the convenience and look of a smart home, motorized window shades are the perfect window treatment for a luxurious contemporary abode. Many homeowners who take the plunge and install motorized windows quickly see the return on their investment.


Enjoy Style and Convenience with Motorized Shades

Today’s homeowner takes delight in window treatments like motorized shades because they combine chic contemporary style and modern operation optimally. Because motorized window shades can readily integrate into a smart home and use remote control systems, it is a smart investment. For more information on window coverings that enhance the house, and improve lighting, privacy, and energy efficiency, check out All About Blinds.