Product Feature: Screen Shades

Posted by All About Blinds

August 11, 2022

Knowing available elegant and functional solutions for windows to keep out solar glare or reduce heat gain is critical. When dressing windows with a professional window treatment like screen shades, homeowners get a future-forward level of protection against harmful UV rays, solar glare, heat gain, and improve energy efficiency. And even better, compared to roller shades, screen shades have a design that doesn’t completely block out the view of the outside world. Continue reading to discover more about screen shades, and learn if it’s ideal for your home.


But Aren’t Screen Shades and Roller Shades The Same Thing?

At first glance, it might seem like roller shades and screen shades are the same; perhaps it’s a matter of marketing language. However, these two distinct window coverings are very different. With a roller shade, homeowners can expect an adjustable, single wide panel to cover their window, which adds privacy and light control. But the view outside the window is fully obstructed when a roller shade is pulled down.


Solar shades are a unique innovation in window treatments, as they have a design that incorporates state-of-the-art solar screen fabric. This solar screen fabric comes with UV protection, fights solar glare, and absorbs and reflects heat to keep indoors nice and comfortable. Depending if a homeowner chooses a light or dark-colored screen shade, there may be a slight change in benefits.


Standout Features of Screen Shades - What To Know?

The beauty of solar shades or screen shades is that they won’t obstruct the view outside the window. However, they still offer a host of fantastic benefits to improve quality of life. Imagine being able to lounge in the living room or relax in a bedroom and gaze out at lush gardens or flowers in bloom while behind the protection of a screen shade. There are many good reasons to invest in solar shades for a home’s windows.


Light Filtering

Because screen shades have a mesh design, how open or loose the weave is will determine how much light is allowed to pass through. Also, how light or dark the color of the screen shade will bear some influence on its function and overall look. Since this stye of window screen is on the interior or exterior of your window, they do an excellent job at filtering light compared to a mere window film.


UV Protection

One of the most prominent features of screen shades is their ability to offer substantial UV protection. Keep in mind that this style of window treatment is not a blackout solution, as some sunlight will pass through. However, because of its unique mesh design and added coatings, it is able to reduce heat build-up and fend off harmful UV rays from entering a home.



During the daytime, screen shades offer a respectful level of privacy. They make it easier for those inside a home to see out, but anyone outside cannot easily get a view inside. However, at night, this isn’t the case. When lights are on indoors, outsiders can get an unobstructed view inside a home through this style of shade. For additional privacy at night, homeowners might want to add a liner or another layer of window covering.


Energy Efficiency

For many homeowners, finding ways to save money on cooling and heating is essential. Window shades made with solar fabric are ideal for conscious homeowners who want energy efficient window coverings. To add to a screen shade's energy efficiency and insulate windows further, homeowners might want to add a second form of covering or select energy efficient windows.


Because of the unique combination of woven mesh and coatings, screen shades have a construction and design that optimizes reducing heat gain. Also, screen shades are good at reflecting outside light and UV rays, which lessens the strain on the HVAC system to keep comfortable indoors. Don’t neglect how choosing a light or dark-color screen shade will impact how much light and heat gets absorbed or reflected.


Aesthetic Value

With a sleek, minimal design, screen shades have a high aesthetic value. They fit seamlessly in modern homes, traditional properties, and even rustic farmhouse abodes if styled well. Consider using light or dark-colored screens to cover large windows and control lighting during the day or night. For an added bonus, homeowners might want to have their window shades motorized or connected to a smart home system for modern convenience.


Ease of Use and Versatility

Thanks to a simple and clean design, screen shades are highly effective, easy to use, and versatile enough to complement most homes and their decor. Choose screens or shades to bolster a home’s market value, thwart strong southern or western sun exposure, and improve a property’s ambiance. Also, these shades have an intelligent design that doesn’t require hanging, loose cords or cables, so they are safe to operate around pets, children, or the elderly.



When installed properly, most screen shades or solar shades should last upwards of 10 years. However, they should get routine cleaning and checked for problems to improve their longevity and performance. If needed, the shade can be removed to make cleaning easier and re-installed once dry.


To clean solar shades, a homeowner can apply a damp microfiber cloth or soft brush to the window covering and clean it with warm soapy water. Allow the shade to fully dry after cleaning, and never submerge this unique shade in water. If there is dust buildup, run over the shade with a vacuum attachment.


Dress Window You’ll Love With Screen Shades

Get the best of both worlds with screen shades, as they do not block the view beyond the window while still offering vital protection against UV rays and heat gain. A screen shade is a modern, chic solution for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms with large windows. The simple woven design of screen shades and protective coverings provide a modicum of daytime privacy and reduce solar glare. If you’re interested in screen shades for your home’s windows, discover more inspiring and functional solutions for windows at All About Blinds.