Why You Need Exterior Shutters for Summer

Posted by All About Blinds

August 2, 2022

When summer shows up, sweltering temperatures drive homeowners to find a respite from the heat. Because your home is your sanctuary, adding a window treatment like exterior shutters is the perfect solution for summer. 

The warmer days of the year are a popular time to schedule desired property upgrades and repairs. Installing exterior shutters over windows adds a new dimension to a home while improving energy efficiency and visual appeal. Let’s explore why you need exterior shutters for summer.


What Types of Exterior Shutters Are Available?

Compared to other types of window coverings, exterior shutters hold a special place for anyone who loves history and architecture. Today’s modern exterior shutters for windows take a nod from the past. Yet, they provide a refreshing look. They are also customizable, reduce outdoor noise, block out storms and insects, and provide shade from intense heat.


Homeowners can create a summer-worthy home that looks impressive year-round, with modern outdoor window shutters that are polyvinyl, or even aluminum. More than a few stylish, relevant options are available when you want exterior window shutters to complement a home's paint job, trim, and ornamentation.


Let in a bit of light and a pleasant breeze from outdoors, but maintain a modicum of privacy with louvered shutters. When placed over a window, you’ll notice the many slats or louvers are set at an angle, which is for functional purposes but adds to its charm. 

Note that this style is typical for Colonial or Federal homes. It works for Italianate and Victorian properties as well. Choose this exterior shutter in classic vinyl, or composite material.

Board and Batton

If you love rustic, old-world aesthetics, exterior shutters that are Board and Batton are timeless and have a pleasing look. Scandinavian style-shutters fit under this category, albeit richly embellished with ornate motifs.

This style of window covering is unmistakable, as it comprises one to three boards that are joined with a narrow cross panel. Installing this type of shutter gives a home’s windows a cottage-core vibe or speaks to Mediterranean or French countryside abodes.


Bermuda or Bahama

Bring a taste of the tropical good life home, right in time for the summer. Keep in mind that this style of shutter is also louvered. 

However, instead of opening to the sides, it is open at the bottom. Bermuda or Bahama shutters are fixed at the top of the window and provide a modest level of shade and cover.

European Rolling Shutters

Aesthetics are not the focus of this style of window covering, as it is predominantly used to secure a home from window entry. However, this flexible yet durable metal shutter helps defend homes against raging storms, dust, and burglars.


How Are Exterior Shutters for Summer Beneficial?

So, you might already have decked out your home with exquisite rolling shades, mini blinds, or vertical panel window coverings. It begs the question if exterior shutters are worth adding to your home for the summer. Reconsider your current window treatments because exterior shutters offer your home many wonderful benefits. 

Enhance Aesthetics & Raise Curb Appeal

It makes a home look lovelier, especially if it has antique details or is vintage.

Instantly achieve a cottage-core, farmhouse, vintage look, or even emulate a tropical boho getaway. Make the property look more polished and well-put-together than others on the block. Give your home a story visually, create a more inviting home

Reduce Energy Consumption

Instead of putting the air conditioners on full blast or hanging under fans with a cool drink, reduce high energy bills during summer with exterior shutters. Investing in modern exterior shutters quickly pays for itself after many years while keeping a home more temperate indoors.

Add a Layer of Insulation

After investing in the best windows and treatment for a home, it’s still essential to review the R-value of windows and heat loss and heat gain. Installing exterior window shutters that close can shut out oppressive heat, rainstorms, and intense UV rays from the sun. Also, exterior shutters are adjustable to reduce dependency on cooling technology while preventing sun damage like bleached wood floors, rugs, and furniture.

Improve Privacy and Security

An open window can allow unwanted views into a home when it’s unbearably hot, even with a screen. Decorative exterior shutters make a property look lovely and allow ventilation without a full view to the outside world. Simply open the exterior shutters in a way that controls the outside view and lighting for privacy and security.

Versatile Window Protection

Because it’s possible to customize exterior shutters on a house, property owners can ensure that their choice of window coverings fits any size window. It’s easy to protect windows and the interior from fading or discomfort from summer’s blazing heat, insects, and flying debris.

Relatively Low Maintenance

Some interior window treatments require frequent cleaning and service to maintain performance and beauty. However, it’s easy to scrub and hose off exterior shutters to keep them clean. 

If desired, it might help to spray down modern exterior shutters with an appropriate cleaner before removing debris with a long brush or mop. A paint touch-up or a layer of sealant may improve weather resistance and stave off fading.

Is It Worth It?

Embrace exterior shutters on your home for the summer to enjoy their functional and aesthetic value. Provide an additional layer of privacy beyond interior blinds or shades and have better control over indoor lighting. Also, after installing exterior shutters, there’s less need to overwork a home’s HVAC system to stay cool and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Keep Cool Over the Summer With Stylish Shutters

Overall, the benefits of classic, clean-looking exterior shutters outweigh any drawbacks, making it a worthwhile investment into your property’s appearance and energy efficiency. Discover more timely ideas for window treatments at All About Blinds.