Product Feature: Pirouette Shades

Posted by All About Blinds

September 30, 2022

Pirouette Shades by Hunter Douglas are a visual showstopper, blending form and function effortlessly. This unique style of window shade provides homeowners with a distinct range of light filtration and a level of privacy for the contemporary, modern home. At first glance, they may seem similar to silhouette blinds. However, the two have slight differences. Discover the beauty and function of Pirouette Shades and see if they are ideal for your home.


What Are Pirouette Shades?

These modern shades are a unique window covering offered by Hunter Douglas Products. They look lovely over smaller windows as well as grand, extra-wide windows. On closer inspection, Pirouette Shades are composed of a series of fabric vanes in a horizontal orientation. A sheer material is at the back of the shades.

Homeowners can readily adjust Pirouette Shades with the touch of a button or via a cord. Because the opacity of the fabric differs, whether a client desires a crisp or soft light diffusion, they provide a desirable range of UV protection and privacy. When a homeowner wants an unobstructed view outside their window, Pirouette Shades roll up and out of sight, tucked into the overhead railing.


How Can Pirouette Shades Enhance Your Home?

A home that has Pirouette Shades is far from ordinary. Following an expert installation, this style of modern fabric window shade immediately grabs all of the attention. They are simply stunning, thanks to the exquisite construction.

Enjoy window shades with a modern look that has similar coverage to traditional shutters while still maintaining a respectable level of privacy and light filtering for a space. Below, we covered some excellent reasons to make Pirouette Shades part of your home, whether to cover windows or doors.

Smart Home Ready

Instantly raise or lower Pirouette Shades, even on full-length windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling. Homeowners can use a smartphone app to control their modern window shades via voice control or at the touch of a finger. Also, for those who chose the SoftTouch system, a wand allows for motorized control.

Traditional Control Available

If children or pets in the home aren’t a concern regarding window safety, Pirouette Shades are available in a cordless or cord system. For the Ultraglide, there is a retractable cord on a loop, which stays safe and secure to the window's frame.

Create A Polished Look

Because of its unique design and features, different classes of Pirouette Shades can be paired side by side, creating a seamless look of one extra-wide window covering.

UV Protection

At times, it is necessary to keep out the sun’s UV rays to protect furniture, hardwood flooring, and decor from potential damage. However, it’s possible to enjoy up to 81% UV protection with sheer Pirouette Shades. When the fabric shades are fully closed, up to 99% UV protection is available.

Mix & Match

Create an inviting space and allow sufficient lighting while not reducing privacy. Easily pair sheer and standard Pirouette Shades side by side for a clean, sophisticated look. Also, Pirouette Shades work well over windows and doors.

A Collection With A View

Choose from Pirouette Shades in a crisp or soft look. Clearview is a sheer black option that creates defining views of the surroundings outside the window. The standard fabric window shade softly diffuses light or allows a crisp, clear view when peering through the window covering.


Where Do Pirouette Shades Work Best?

For customers who desire room darkening shades, Pirouette Shades are a potential window covering of choice. Installing Pirouette Shades makes a room visually stunning for any homeowner who wants a sleek, upscale look for their living room, bedroom, or dining room. These modern window shades are versatile, durable, and easily integrated with smart technology.

When Pirouette Shades are closed, they help reduce intrusive outdoor sounds and have an appearance similar to Roman Shades. Also, because there is a sheer backing behind the floating horizontal fabric vanes, the amount of light diffused has a soft, gradual transition when the fabric vanes are adjusted.

Another remarkable point about Pirouette Shades is that they are excellent at covering windows in hard-to-reach places. Because these shades can be operated manually or motorized and controlled via remote, voice, or smartphone app, it’s effortless to use.

No matter the interior style or decor in a home, Hunter Douglas Products offers 63 different color options for its Pirouette Shades. Customers can customize the look and feel of their window shades and choose between different opacity for the fabric vanes, from soft light to room darkening. Vanes are available in a width of 4 or 5 inches and provide as much coverage as Plantation shutters.


How to Maintain Pirouette Shades?

Homeowners can ensure the longevity and beauty of their Pirouette Shades by hiring a professional cleaner or regularly spot clean and dust the vanes and sheer backing gently with a vacuum attachment.

A handheld brush can help remove debris, carefully running over the vanes to get rid of dust. However, avoid using a hair dryer or compressed air to do so. If there is a desire to treat this upscale window covering via an ultrasonic cleaner, it is possible to clean the vanes using this process without causing damage.

Contact a professional cleaning service with experience caring for Pirouette Shades when in doubt. Being rough with Pirouette Shades or using a harsh cleaner could damage the window coverings, impairing their ability to perform and reducing their longevity and effectiveness.


Discover the Beauty and Allure of Pirouette Shades

No other window covering can compare to the unique look and contemporary style that Pirouette Shades provide. These shades have an eye-catching, sculptural design that many modern homeowners adore.

Whether a homeowner chooses to install these beautiful window shades in a bedroom, living room, or over a prominent window overlooking a stunning view, they elegantly allow for greater control over light filtration and privacy with class and distinction. Learn more about fantastic window treatments to delight your senses and treat your home well at AllAboutBlinds.