Product Feature: Plantation Shutters

Posted by All About Blinds

April 4, 2022

Transform your home’s windows and lighting with plantation shutters. Unlike modern blinds or shades, plantation shutters are cordless and traditionally made from wooden louvers. And as a bonus, wooden shutters can be motorized or outfitted with hidden accessories to adjust the lighting.

This style of window covering dates back to ancient Greece and is popular in the South of the United States. Most plantation shutters are made from basswood or another durable type of wood, which can be customized and painted.

There are more than a few great reasons to install plantation shutters inside your home or even outdoors to enhance a patio or veranda.

Read on to learn the best features that these beautiful, durable window coverings have to offer.


1. Fully Customizable

You can choose a louver size ranging from 2 ½, 3 ½ or 4 ½ inches. Wider louvers give off a more contemporary, modern feel. You may want to use faux wood or PVC shutters for a bathroom or other space with high moisture versus traditional wood, even if treated. 

Aluminum shutters are popular and lightweight but may be vulnerable to corrosion if not adequately coated or maintained. When possible, choose vinyl plantation shutters that are more high-end to avoid potential VOCs or hazardous materials used in its manufacturing. Inexpensive plantation shutters may emit fumes when heated or yellow because of sun exposure.

You can order your plantation shutters to size, install Aluminum or Exterior Poly shutters, which are both waterproof, and enjoy these window coverings installed on the inside or outside of a window frame. Don’t forget to wipe down or vacuum the louvers as needed regularly for maintenance. If you want to upgrade your space, easily change the coat of paint or add decorative accents to enhance windows.

2. Long-Lasting & Durable

Although plantation shutters may have a more expensive upfront cost to install and are better installed by a professional; these shutters have a timeless style and are lovely for large and odd-sized windows. Compared to the average set of blinds or shutters, which may last up to five years, wooden shutters that are appropriately maintained last over two decades.  

You can add invisible hinges, shutter locks, or shutter pulls for your convenience. Installing long-lasting wood or vinyl plantation shutters is a wise decision for any home with young children, pets, or elderly adults.

Discover exquisite plantation shutters made from traditional basswood, faux wood, metal, or PVC. Also, because the louvers on this shutter style are usually more spaced apart than blinds, it is easier and faster to keep it clean and well maintained.

3. Versatile For Indoors And Outdoors

Shutters can be mounted within the window frame or directly to the wall, either indoors or outdoors. Wooden shutters for windows can be installed outside or inside a window frame for aesthetics and functionality. With no cords needed, it is easy to adjust these beautiful shutters as desired.

If you love to relax outdoors, whether sipping a drink on the porch or entertaining on the veranda, consider using plantation shutters. With a range of materials to choose froml, we recommend Aluminum or Poly Shutters for exterior use as they’re treated to be waterproof, and they are incredibly durable and easy to keep clean.  

Because most wooden shutters are basswood, it’s easy to customize to the color of your choice. We suggest picking a color that complements your room's style and use! When in doubt, sticking to a bright white or other neutral color works very well. 

Depending on where you want to install wood plantation shutters, such as a large living room or a modern kitchen, you can select the appropriate size of louvers to get the perfect look. Larger louvers measuring around four and a half inches feels more contemporary, but louvers measuring two and a half inches give off more old-fashioned energy.

4. Increase Your Home’s Value

Typical curtains, blinds, and shades need to be replaced often and don’t necessarily add to your home’s value beyond aesthetics. However, if you invest in installing wood plantation shutters, which are a more permanent window covering, you add to your home’s value on the market.

Many real estate buyers love pointing out homes featuring plantation shutters as a desirable feature. Wooden shutters are excellent at improving lighting, raising privacy levels as desired, and can be programmed. Trends may come and go, but plantation shutters have a classic, traditional ambiance about them that works with multiple home decor styles.

5. Improve Energy Efficiency

Even the best windows may have issues where air can leak into or out of your home and create energy efficiency deficits. Compared to blinds or shades, wood plantation shutters are excellent at deflecting UV rays, keeping your home cooler when hot and warmer when winter comes.

Reduce your dependency on indoor lighting, and open up your home to natural lighting. Also, in addition to improving your energy use and indoor climate, plantation shutters increase your home’s privacy.

6. Optimize Light Filtering

Forget about installing blackout curtains or fiddling around with multiple window coverings to adjust the lighting in your room. Create a grand appearance with wood plantation shutters. 

They can be programmed to adjust at different times of the day, and when fully open, they allow as much light as you like to come through. Plantation shutters are excellent at room darkening when completely closed, with similar results as a blackout curtain.

7. Capable Of Being Motorized

If the absence of cords wasn’t reason enough to install luxurious plantation shutters, you could motorize these window coverings for modern convenience. At the touch of a button or using integrated technology, you can adjust your shutters in any room with ease. 

Set the mood, block off chilly air, or wake up to the arrival of the morning sun with motorized plantation shutters. With wooden shutters, there’s no need to stress over tangled cords or struggle to open or close your window coverings.

Customize Your Home With Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters or wooden shutters are an excellent way to upgrade the look and value of your home. Add a touch of old Southern grandeur to a living room, brighten up a bedroom, or create a charming porch or veranda with this style of window covering. 

The upfront cost for classy, durable plantation shutters is well worth the investment for a beautiful home. Check out All About Blinds for more fantastic information about window coverings.