Picking the Right Shades for Your Room

Posted by All About Blinds

February 8, 2023

One of the first things you notice when you enter a room is the window coverings. Shades make a great visual statement and complement windows of varying sizes and types. Shades are a versatile and desirable window treatment regardless of your aesthetic sensibilities or budget. Choose from quality shades in standard or custom colors, lengths, and styles. We have a curated list of fantastic window shades to refresh your windows and transform your home.

The Unique Value Of Window Shades

Move over blinds. Window shades are a modern, chic option that is easy to operate and dresses a window appropriately. Choose from cordless, transitional, or rolling shades to softly diffuse light or block it out completely. Cellular or honeycomb shades may help improve energy efficiency, especially during cooler or warmer times of the year. 

Shades are relatively low-maintenance, cost-effective, and require minimal installation effort. Whether you have a room with a minimalist, traditional, or farmhouse style, there’s the perfect window shade to match. When choosing window shades, consider the following:


  • How much light do you want to stream through your window? Choose an opacity that meets your lighting needs.
  • Window shades can add much-needed texture to a room. Choose fabric, woven wood, or other materials for your window covering.
  • Think about convenience and safe operation for busy families or homes with pets or small children. You can choose motorized smart shades that operate via a remote, smartphone app, or connect to your thermostat.


Don’t forget whether your window shade will experience constant exposure to strong sunlight and UV rays, extreme temperatures, or moisture. Choose a durable window treatment without compromising style and function. When done right, your choice of shades should feel natural in their setting and fit your needs for the space.

How To Select The Best Shades

After examining the value that a window shade brings to your room, follow some helpful points to decide the best window treatment for you. You can follow current interior design and decor trends, such as specific textiles, colors, patterns, or lengths. Or, stick to shades in a specific color, style, or proportion compared to prominent elements in a room.

Other points of interest to help you decide which shades to choose include:


  • Will the shades add to your window and room’s energy efficiency?
  • Do you prefer a window shade that is sheer, opaque, or solidly blocks out the light?
  • How will your window shade improve your privacy?
  • Does the size and width of the shade fit your windows and make sense visually?

Ask yourself what you want to accomplish and how you use each room that needs shades as a window treatment. Stick to what’s most important to you when choosing a window covering, whether it’s matching the existing decor, emphasizing something, or making a room appear larger or smaller.


Style Your Room Expertly With Shades

Without further ado, we covered picture-perfect window shades that look and feel good in different rooms in your home. Feel inspired to upgrade your windows with quality shades that are beautiful and last.

The Living Room

Create impressive windows and focus on a contemporary look with Designer Banded Transitional Shades. Depending on the time of day, allow a bit of light to shine through or keep these shades closed to block out light. The wider louvers look nice whether the shade is raised, lowered, open or closed.

Choose a solar screen for living rooms exposed to strong sunlight and UV rays. Although this type of shade may not offer much privacy during the evening when indoor lights are on, it provides some protection from damage to floors, furniture, and accessories.

If you are looking for more texture in your room, consider hanging woven wood Roman shades. Choose from delightful Roman shades made using natural wood, jute, or bamboo fibers for an earthy touch. The neutral tones help anchor a room and pair well with dark wood floors, deep jewel tones, or leather furniture.

The Kitchen

Since most kitchens have a lot of exposure to moisture and heat from cooking and using the sink, choose wisely when selecting window shades. Thankfully, the position of the windows in this room will help steer you to an optimal choice of window treatment. Choose a classic Roman shade in a durable material that can be wiped clean if not too close to the sink. Or, consider shades that drop from the top for a widow over the sink.

Consider hanging a Pirouette or Silhouette style shade for kitchens with windows that are far from stoves, ovens, and sinks. They offer a contemporary and clean look and have louvers you can wipe or vacuum clean.

The Bedroom

Improve energy efficiency during all seasons and hang modern Honeycomb shades. Thanks to the unique design of individual cells, this type of shade traps air to reduce energy loss. Choose from clever Honeycomb shades that raise from the bottom or lower at the top, so you can adjust the light and airflow and not sacrifice privacy.

A blackout shade is an excellent solution for sleepers who need to block out the light in the morning or stop nuisance lighting from neighboring properties. Choose a fabric rolling shade in a darker color and solid weave. Another stylish choice is Solera shades to block out light and keep prying eyes out of your window.

Home Office Spaces

When working from home, it’s vital to have window shades that help motivate you while working. Choose a rolling fabric shade that is slightly sheer. Or, opt for a sturdy Roman shade that is cordless to control lighting. For odd home office spaces with wider windows, consider installing Luminette Privacy shades. 


If outdoor noise often interferes with activities at home, consider hanging cellular shades or Honeycomb shades to help dampen sound and improve energy efficiency. Another excellent option may be woven shades to help muffle unwanted noise while offering a playful, visually exciting texture.

Leading To Outdoor Spaces

Spending more time outdoors and enjoying a beautiful porch or patio leading out to the yard is a delight. For homes with a large window leading to the outdoors, you want to hang window shades that offer privacy and allow for easy access. Choose from Luminette Privacy shades with vertically-oriented louvers, or a solar screen to block intense UV rays.


Celebrate Your Home With Elegant Shades

Window treatments should be functional, beautiful, and long-lasting. Choose from quality shades in various styles to create the chic, desirable home of your dreams. Whether you need window shades to softly diffuse light, easily transition for the evening, or improve privacy, there’s only one place to trust. Check out All About Blinds and their collection of elegant window treatments to dress your windows.