Ormond Beach Lives Luxuriously With Gorgeous Blinds

Posted by All About Blinds

April 5, 2023


In beautiful Ormond Beach, residents enjoy a relaxing pace of life only minutes away from larger, bustling metropolises. Beachfront housing with glorious views of the Atlantic, charming homes on manicured streets, and planned communities deserve tasteful window treatments. All About Blinds retails high-performance window blinds to satisfy homeowners’ sense of aesthetics and budgets. When there’s a need to diffuse bright lights, increase solar gain, or darken a room, All About Blinds has window coverings that fit your home seamlessly. Discover how Ormond Beach dresses its windows in style with a range of modern blinds.

Ormond Beach Loves All About Blinds

All About Blinds has been in the window treatment business since 1979. We stand by our quality window coverings and offer a range of gorgeous blinds to dress windows for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and even enclosed patios. Blinds are a suitable choice of window covering for homes in Ormond Beach. Homeowners can quickly set the mood for an event, keep prying eyes out, or allow more natural light to flood a space with blinds.

We at All About Blinds understand that each room in your home deserves the best window treatment. Blinds should be easy to install, maintain, and operate. We recommend installing motorized blinds to effortlessly switch from daylight to evening lighting and maintain a modicum of privacy. Households with little safety concerns with cords or attachments can embrace standard options.

Create a warm, cozy feeling in a dining or living room with elegant wooden blinds featuring 2-inch louvers. For homeowners who love the look of wood but not the commitment, we offer luxurious faux wood blinds. Homes with sun bleaching problems or intense exposure from the west or south may prefer aluminum blinds or fabric blinds. 

No matter which blinds suits a homeowner’s fancy, All About Blinds is ready to provide comprehensive information about their choice of window product and necessary details. Add a layer of insulation to hurricane windows, double-pane windows, or sliding patio door windows leading out to the deck or yard with vertical fabric blinds. Quickly shift and control lighting and privacy in a home by turning the louvers of standard faux, aluminum, or PVC blinds.

Elegant Window Treatments For Ormond Beach

When choosing blinds in Ormond Beach, homeowners should consider what they want their window treatment to accomplish. Different blinds may be more suitable for combating energy loss from the HVAC, filtering intense sun exposure, or ideal for moist environments. Don’t forget to choose blinds that have louvers with a desirable opacity or are easy to wipe clean.

The best choice of blinds for a lower-level living room or dining room might not be ideal for large windows in an upper-level room that gets flooded with lots of light. Focus on blinds that improve a home’s energy efficiency and reduce heat or cooling loss. Add to a home’s curb appeal and complement current wall treatments and decor. Make your windows a more dramatic showpiece in rooms where you gather with loved ones, relax, or feel most at home.


Why Choose All About Blinds For Window Treatments?

All About Blinds is ready to help homeowners choose the best blinds for their Ormond Beach home and offers professional consultation services. Be prepared to keep your home cooler in hot and humid summers or tame cooler, wetter weather in the winter. And it’s always a privilege to have the latest, modern window blinds to enhance your home with motorized controls.

Homeowners in Ormond Beach love All About Blinds because we put our customers first and seek to ensure customer satisfaction. We manufacture faux, and wood blinds onsite and offer high-quality brand-name window treatments. Our team of professionals can provide free in-home estimates, and our showroom is open six days a week to review samples.

Discover some of the most popular window blinds transforming homes in Ormond Beach. All About Blinds retails blinds that ensure a home is beautiful, functional, and provides adequate privacy and lighting for residents.

Somfy Motorized Blinds

Step into the future and enjoy the modern convenience of smart, Somfy motorized blinds. Using integrated smart controls, raise, lower, or adjust your window coverings effortlessly. Choose Somfy motorized blinds to add to your home’s value, and enjoy safe operation and high-performance for years.

Vertical Blinds

Go beyond standard blinds with horizontally-oriented louvers. Vertical blinds with 3.5-inch panels are contemporary and help control air circulation and privacy levels. Choose from stylish vertical blinds with fabric vanes in polyester, silk, fibreglass, or a combination of materials. Effortlessly adjust vertical blinds in a room with a ceiling fan to raise or lower the temperature. For windows leading out to the deck or with a wide street view, install vertical blinds to shield your home from prying eyes without sacrificing light and airflow.

PVC Blinds

For homes with kids, pets, or a need for durable window coverings, PVC blinds are an optimal choice. The louvers are durable and respond well to spot cleaning and dusting. Diffuse light through windows and easily improve air circulation in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Wood Blinds

Give any room a touch of opulence and class with classic wooden blinds. Enjoy adjusting louvers measuring 1 to 2.5 inches for improved lighting, privacy, and comfort. Create a stately atmosphere for dens, home offices, living rooms, or dining rooms with moderate to high sunlight streaming through. Choose from wood blinds with a beautiful natural stain or paint job for a polished look.

Aluminum Blinds

Revisit retro looks with aluminum blinds featuring louvers measuring between ½ an inch to 2 inches in width. Easily reflect intense, bright sunlight to reduce solar gain. Allow more light to stream through in the morning, or increase privacy as the evening sets in. Choose this window treatment for its low maintenance and timeless look.


Where Ormond Beach Shops For Window Blinds

Residents of Ormond Beach choose All About Blinds for their window blinds because our selection of window treatments are incredible. All About Blinds retails modern blinds that enhance all types of windows and effortlessly complement home decor and interior design treatments. Discover the best kept secret in Ormond Beach for window coverings and create a desirable abode. Visit All About Blinds to explore luxury window treatments matching your discerning style and taste.