How Window Treatments Can Change the Aesthetic of Your Home

Posted by All About Blinds

February 9, 2022

When an owner thinks it’s time for their home to get a “facelift,” they often jump to solutions like new paint, new landscaping, or a new interior. But features that can transform the aesthetic of your home that are often overlooked are windows. 

The window treatments you choose for your home can completely transform its look. So if you’re thinking your home needs a sprucing, consider the size, shape, color, and functionality of your current window treatments and how changing them can give your home that instant facelift you’re looking for. 

Below are the elements of windows that can help you achieve the look you want your home to have:



It’s scientifically proven that natural light can affect your mood, your sleep, and your physical health. While natural light boosts serotonin and Vitamin D, the amount of natural light that your windows let into your home not only affects you physically, but can also change the effect that light has on the look of your home. 

The size and the placement of your windows will determine how much natural light enters your home. The window treatments you use to give you the perfect blend of privacy and natural light are an essential component when it comes to planning for your home’s natural lighting. For example, blinds with larger slats are going to give you the maximum amount of natural light that your large windows can provide while still giving you the opportunity for privacy when you need it. 



When it comes to windows, sometimes it pays to think outside the rectangle. Whether arched, angled, or curved - playing with the shape of your windows can add instant curb appeal and character to your home. 

But playing with shape doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the aesthetics of your window treatments. Window treatments can be designed to accommodate just about any shape from circle and half circle windows to bay windows. 

These types of windows can add a layer of architectural interest to your home, and the right window treatments can accent that interest perfectly. 


Your window treatments can be a game-changer when it comes to the aesthetic of your home. Shape and material certainly play a large role in that, but don’t be afraid to play with color as well. 

Carefully selected window treatments can complement the colors of your home or make them “pop” in a new way. If you want to go the extra mile, you can consult a color specialist to help you choose what colors will enhance your home’s appearance and curb appeal instead of detracting from it. 



Your window treatments should have the perfect balance between bringing interest and charm to your home all while being functional. Most homes have a blend of windows that can be opened and windows that are fixed. The fixed windows, usually in the form of large or unconventionally shaped windows, are generally there for aesthetic appeal. 

But whether fixed or open, the window treatment you choose for them needs to enhance them while still being functional. Your window treatments should enhance your home’s look, but they should also provide the light control and privacy that they’re designed for. 

Windows are often the architectural focal point of the home, so make sure you are getting the most charm out of them that you can. Before you choose, take into consideration the other parts of your home that provide aesthetic appeal to ensure your window treatments are working with those elements and not against them. 


Change Your Window Treatments, Change Your Life

And when you’re ready to discuss window treatments for all of your new additions, All About Blinds can help you put the finishing touches on traditional windows or any unique shapes or colors you may be using. Contact one of our professionals today to discuss how All About Blinds can help you achieve the look you’re going for.


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