How to Save Money by Choosing the Right Window Treatments

Posted by All About Blinds

January 26, 2017

window treatmentsWe all know that when we save energy by making our homes more energy efficient, we also save money in the long run. When selecting window treatments or coverings, you do not need to skimp on style if one of the outcomes you want to accomplish is to save energy.

If you want to reduce heat gain in your home from your windows during the summer and heat loss during the cooler months, recommends the following window treatments that are not only attractive, but will help you save money on your cooling and heating costs throughout the year.

Window Blinds

You can reduce summer heat gain in your home by installing either vertical or horizontal slat-type window blinds. While the spaces between the slats make blinds less efficient at preventing heat loss, they are extremely effective for controlling the amount of sunlight that can shine through your windows and heat your home up.

Unlike shades, they can be easily adjusted to block, diffuse or reflect direct sunlight and to allow fresh air into your home when your windows are open. Paired with a light-colored ceiling, blinds can reflect light to your ceiling and diffuse the light without much glare or heat gain. Blinds are available in a wide variety of designs and materials that can easily be incorporated into your existing or planned update to your interior design.


Installing shades can be the easiest and most effective way to save energy in your home by blocking sunlight from getting into your home during the brightest time of the day. During the warmer months, keep your shades lowered on your sunlit windows during the day. By keeping your shades raised during the winter, your home will benefit from the warmth that the sunlight provides.

An option to consider when shopping for shades is a dual shade that has one side that is highly reflective with the other being heat absorbing. The reflective side should always face the warmest side, which during the warmer months will deflect the sunlight away from your window and during the cooler months, reflect heat back into your room. During the winter, you would reserve this type of shade to achieve the best energy efficiency.

Keep in mind, to achieve the maximum amount of energy efficiency, you should ensure that your windows are airtight because window treatments do not effectively reduce air leakage or infiltration. Make sure to caulk or weatherstrip around your windows to prevent air leaks.

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