How to Prevent Pets from Breaking Window Treatments

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September 13, 2020

white kitten peaking through blinds

Cat people and dog people may argue about their preferences, but they all have one thing in common: they love their furry friends. Life just wouldn’t be the same without our cats or dogs!

Another thing many pet owners have in common: Our pets can wreak havoc on window treatments. Curious by nature, they want – nay, need – to check out the world beyond the walls of your home, and many of them do not care what they destroy to get there. If your dog tends to tear up your shutters trying to bark at other dogs on the sidewalk, or your cat uses blinds as a climbing gym, read on for a few ideas on how you can save your window treatments.

  • Pets want to see outside, especially when they hear something unfamiliar or exciting, like neighborhood kids or other animals (SQUIRREL!). When cats and dogs can’t see around window treatments, they may decide to go through them instead. Try leaving blinds or shades slightly raised, so they have a safe viewing space. If you know that regular events (like the arrival of the mail or garbage people) trigger your pet, motorized shades could be an option. You can program them to draw at specific times of day. If you know you have an Amazon delivery en route, you can also control them remotely.
  • Cats love to bat at strings and cords! This harms the functionality of your blinds and is dangerous for your pet. Use a cord cleat or other object to wrap your cords into a bundle. This removes temptation, and thus danger, from cord-grabbing paws.
  • Got a kitty mountain climber? Our feline friends love to scale great heights to look down upon us. Indulge this habit safely with a cat tree or other cat-safe climbing area. It will help them learn to scratch in appropriate places, too!
  • Puppies (and even some adult dogs) love to chew. Blinds and shutters may present a tempting target for teeth. You can try sour apple or other chew-discouraging sprays to keep your pets away from your window treatments, but the best way to stop chewing is to address the cause of the behavior. Provide your pets with bones, treat toys, or other engaging items they can alleviate boredom with. Be certain to provide enough walks or fetch sessions to control energy levels, too.
  • Dogs may engage in destructive behaviors as an outlet for separation anxiety and fear. No dog likes to see their owner leave home, and it can lead to unfortunate results. Consider crate training your dog so he or she can stay safe while you are gone. Once they have learned about the crate, it will become a safe and comforting place for them to stay.

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