How to Clean Your Blinds Completely

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March 21, 2016

cleaning blindsWhen it comes to cleaning your blinds, it can be a difficult chore. Whether you have wooden blinds, fabric blinds or mini-blinds made of aluminum, cleaning them is something that we often avoid. But cleaning your blinds doesn't have to be that hard. Here are some tips that will allow you to completely clean your blinds without spending as much time on the chore.

Dusting Your Blinds

The first thing that you should do is vacuum your blinds with your attachments. Depending upon the type of vacuum you own, you may have a brush attachment that will be perfect for the job. Some vacuums also allow you to reduce power so that you don't damage your blinds by cleaning.

You may also want to use a dust cloth to make sure that all of the dust is picked up. An extendable lambswool duster is particularly good for the task, but a Swiffer duster or cloth can be used if necessary.

Cleaning Your Blinds

You also need to spot clean your blinds when necessary. One of the best and simplest tips is to use a washcloth or sponge with some all-purpose cleaner like 409 sprayed onto the cleaning cloth. Then gently clean any spots that needed cleaning. With some types of blinds, it may be easier to remove them from the framework, as long as they are easy to remove and replace.

If you have wooden blinds, these can be easily cleaned with soap and water, but you should keep them attached to the framework rather than removing them. Fabric blinds are best cleaned by removing them and then having them dry cleaned, but this is only necessary if they are noticeably dirty, because fabric blinds don't get dirty as quickly as other types.

Aluminum, Vinyl or Other Metal Blind Cleaning Tips

The best way that you can clean these blinds is to remove them from the window and take them outside and then use a soapy cleaning utensil like a car wash brush to clean the blinds. To remove the soap, use your hose with the pressure low. Never use a spray attachment or high-pressure because you could easily damage the blinds.

Once the soap has been removed, you can let them dry in the sun but keep in mind that water spots may be a problem unless you remove the excess water. Use your finger to remove as much water as possible and then allow them to dry.

If there is any chore that seems to get avoided, it's cleaning the blinds. But keeping your blinds clean is an important part of making sure blinds function at their fullest potential; keeping blinds clean is also a great way to prevent allergen buildup in the home and ensure your family's health does not suffer. If you have any questions or think your blinds might need servicing, contact the experts at All About Blinds today.


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