Getting your home ready for holiday guests

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November 28, 2018

home ready for holidays, Christmas, home decorThe holidays have arrived, with all the excitement and anticipation they bring! For many people, the holidays mean more than good food and finding the perfect gift. They mean spending time with family and friends you might wish you saw more of all year long. Perhaps they live far away, and can only travel for the holidays, or perhaps busy schedules during the year prevent frequent visits. Holidays gatherings are the perfect way to catch back up again with the ones we care about most.

If you are hosting a holiday gathering for family and friends, even just for an evening meal and chat, you will want to prepare your home for those whom you will host. Whether you have a couple old friends coming by themselves, or family members with small children or pets staying with you, or even have family elders with mobility issues, you may need to take special steps to make them comfortable in the time they are with you.

Consider Yourself at Home in the Guest Room

Overnight guests will appreciate the extra efforts you undertake to make them feel at home while they stay with you. Sleeping in a new and foreign location can already take a toll on how much rest a person gets. Extra efforts towards a guest’s comfort can elevate a mediocre trip to the visit of a lifetime.

  • Guests enjoy the ability to read, then turn out the light and rest without having to leave their bed. A lamp they can turn off from the bed allows them to stay snug, even when it is time to darken the room. If you can’t put a lamp by the bed, consider a voice-activated outlet or smart home control.

  • Provide a wide variety of bedding to allow for different preferences when it comes to sleeping warm. Not everyone will feel comfortable beneath a thick, down quilt, and cool sleepers may spend a night shivering if they only have a slim blanket. Pile additional bedding, including pillows and blankets of different weights, in an obvious location, so guests can help themselves.

  • Guests often come with luggage. Provide an open place where they have room to set down their bags and utilize them.

Safety and Convenience for a Variety of Guests

Guests of different ages and even species consider different considerations. Older guests may require specific nods towards mobility, while the beloved family Chihuahua might want to play in the window blind cords along with your tiny nephew. Look your home over with an eye towards those visiting with you.

  • Seniors and those with mobility considerations will appreciate brighter lighting and clear, obstacle-free paths through your home. Loose rugs or floor clutter can lead to painful accidents. A quick rearrange to remove these obstacles will be well received!

  • Baby gates and outlet covers can protect both little children and overly curious pets. Also, remove breakables from places where small hands and clumsy paws can make mischief with them.

  • Window treatment cords can pose a terrifying risk to visiting dogs, cats, and children. Consider updated window coverings to protect your guests from unintended harm.

All About Blinds & Shutters can help you refresh the look of your home just in time for holiday guests! We can also help you ensure everyone who visits is a little bit safer, thanks to modern, cord-free window coverings and options for those you already have. Contact us today!

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