Featured Product Spotlight: Motorized Shades

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February 15, 2017

motorized shadesModern technology is all about maximizing convenience. Every day, new technology springs up to make the tedious parts of our lives faster and easier. We can pay for a coffee, operate our thermostat, and even answer the door from our phones. It shouldn’t surprise us that new and convenient automation options have also come to the world of window treatments.

Motorized shades don’t just add a touch of convenience and a modern flair to the coverings we choose for windows. Instead, motorized shades offer us both improved functionality and greater safety as we make use of our blinds. If you’ve been thinking about updating your window coverings, the functionality of motorized shades may surprise you!

The Convenience and Safety of Motorized Shades

There is a distinct thrill at the thought of automated window treatments. Such innovative shades bring to mind a long history of science fiction epics where doors and windows would open on command. Yet this technology is available to consumers today, and without the astronomical expense incurred by spaceships.

Motorized shades offer the perfect solution for windows in hard-to-reach places. Tall foyer windows or windows over bathtubs may be difficult to gain access to. Homeowners may, in fact, leave them covered at all times so as not to have to reach them, or may always leave them open despite their security preferences. Automated window treatments eliminate the need for inconvenient access while providing unprecedented opportunities to utilize awkward spaces.

While most people can imagine the potential fun of shades that automatically raise and lower on command, many may not realize the additional safety benefits they can offer. Motorized window shades eliminate the need for hazardous cords by operating through automation. This helps keep small children and curious pets safer while still allowing for the ease-of-use homeowners demand.

Who Should Consider Motorized Shades?

Anyone who enjoys cutting edge technology and gadgetry will enjoy automated window coverings. However, these are especially appropriate for homeowners with numerous windows, tall rooms, or windows with decorative secondary panes. Those with loft windows may also find automated window treatments very useful.

People with small children and precocious pets may enjoy the freedom from easily tangled cords. Other potential conveniences exist for those with reduced mobility. And anyone who enjoys lazing about in a sunny bedroom without the need to crawl out from between the sheets will love automated window shades!

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