Featured Product Spotlight: Cordless Blinds and Shades

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December 19, 2018

Cordless shadesFor many people, the term “blinds” is synonymous with knots, tangled cords, and broken control wands. All too many homeowners know the frustration of unsnarling the strings required to open and close their blinds, or trying to find the nub of a plastic stick to turn so their blinds will allow more light in. These inconveniences can put a damper in a person’s love for living in their own home.

Modern window coverings can do away with this frustration. No one needs to have fights with their blinds and shades anymore! Cordless shades and blinds offer all the functionality of traditional window treatments without the inconveniences many have grown used to. They are also much safer for those with small children and curious pets!

Cordless Blinds – How Do They Work?

Cordless blinds retain the cords between the slats of the blinds themselves. However, additional cords are not required for the operation of the window coverings themselves. This keeps the free-hanging strings both untangled and out of the way.

The trick to operating these blinds generally rests in the bottom rail at the base of the blinds. In some models, a locking button on the rail to moderate the tension of the cords within the blinds. Press this button, then move the rail to the position where you want the blinds to hang. Release the button, and the blinds stay at the level you placed them.

Other blinds utilize a plastic lip in the bottom rail to hold the coverings to your desired height. Lift or lower the blinds to the height you want, then let go. The blinds remain where you wanted them!

You may already be familiar with the spring-loaded shades available to hang over windows. These utilize tension in the roll where the fabric is stored. A pull downward will lower the shade, and a tug will help them stay. Tug again, and the shade rolls safely up, out of the way until it is needed again.

Why Go Cordless?

Beyond the conveniences offered by cordless blinds and shades, safety is a compelling reason to update your window treatments to cordless models. We have all heard the horror stories of children or pets becoming entangled in blind cords, sometimes with tragic results. The best way to prevent these tragedies is to eliminate hanging cords entirely.

Cordless blinds allow for all the functionality of traditional models without the potential dangers posed by corded window treatments. Whether you have pets who enjoy exploration a little too well, or children who might someday decide to play in the blinds, cordless options will allow you to breathe a little easier.

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