Window Treatments to Get Your House Ready for Fall

Posted by All About Blinds

September 9, 2022

When summer gradually changes to fall, it’s time to think about a home’s current window treatments and make future upgrades. As the seasons transition, a home’s lighting and energy efficiency needs change. Keep a home warm and cozy when temperatures drop or allow more natural light inside with window faux wood blinds, traditional shutters, or rolling shades. Learn more about the fantastic benefits of fall-ready window treatments that enhance a home’s appeal and value.


What Do Window Treatments Do For Your Home?

Today’s modern homes need window treatments that fit a homeowner’s sense of aesthetics, are durable, and are easy to operate and maintain. With the rise of smart homes, many homeowners love the look of motorized blinds and shades that operate via remote or an app.

Cellular and honeycomb shades are popular, stylish options to improve energy efficiency. For homeowners that love sustainable, natural textures and styles, shades and blinds made with jute, bamboo, and similar materials are desirable.

Here are some excellent reasons to consider the type of window treatments currently in use and whether it’s time for an upgraded look. Before investing in a specific kind of window treatment, review what features are a priority.


  • Shades, blinds, and shutters offer different levels of privacy and light filtering.
  • Invest in specific window treatments with a more significant ROI and curb appeal.
  • Optimize energy efficiency using appropriate window coverings and the level of opacity.
  • Choose from neutral or trending colors and styles that complement a home’s aesthetics.
  • Think about the cost and ease of installation, longevity, and maintenance.
  • Will the shades, shutters, or blinds be smart home ready?
  • Choose window treatments that fit the budget and perform well over the years.

Choosing to switch out the current window coverings in a home is an easy, inexpensive, and quick way to transform a home. And, a homeowner doesn’t have to wait until they want to renovate a home to switch from blinds to shades or shutters.


Upgrade Your Windows With These Trending Coverings

Every home is different, so reviewing the pros and cons of various popular window coverings, whether smart shades, textured woven blinds, or timeless wooden shutters is ideal. Choose from different window treatments that increase lighting, reduce energy loss, or evoke warmth and comfort for fall.

It’s acceptable to use different window coverings to fit the needs of a space. There is no hard-fast rule that the window treatments in a home have to be uniform throughout. Simply find similar features that complement, unify, and harmonize all the elements in a space.


Faux Blinds

For a homeowner on a budget who loves the look of natural wood but doesn’t want the splurge, faux wood blinds are a nice choice in spaces where high humidity isn’t a problem. Avoid the experience of warping or discoloration that occurs with natural wood blinds or having to clean louvers with oil or polish. Faux blinds are moisture-resistant, stylish, and budget-friendly.


Wood Blinds

Natural wood blinds have a natural unique beauty Plus, they require frequent cleaning to get rid of debris and dust and may develop discoloration because of UV exposure or warp because of moisture.


However, wooden blinds create an excellent focal point in a living or dining room and are visually attractive. Enjoy the look of louvers with natural wood grain patterns and a variety of stains.


Cafe Shutters

Evoke distant travels to cafes and let a bit of light in at the top of windows with cafe shutters. For a home where there’s no worry that outside passersby can get a view inside from the top of a window, this is an excellent style to use for kitchens, home offices, living rooms, and dining rooms. If partial coverage isn’t enough, plantation shutters or full faux or wood blinds are a better option.


Plantation Shutters with a Hidden Tilt

Ensure that a room has plenty of privacy while still allowing for ample natural light and air ventilation with classic plantation shutters. Consider traditional wood shutters with a hidden tilt for aesthetic and practical value for a modern home.


However, some purists may desire plantation shutters with a front tilt rod. For homeowners who prefer a more permanent window treatment change, plantation shutters are a fantastic choice that keeps the indoor climate moderate, whether it’s hot or cold outside.


Solera Soft Shades

Solera retails shades that optimize energy efficiency and bring a high level of aesthetics with their unique design. Compared to other shades or blinds, easily move Solera Soft Shades to the topmost section of a window, cover the middle, or obstruct the view of a window at the bottom.


The unique structure and folds help trap air to keep rooms cool or warm, depending on the weather. Plus, different levels of opacity grant homeowners a desirable level of privacy and light filtering.


Roman Woven Shades

Bring in texture and minimalist style with woven Roman shades. Depending on the level of opacity, the amount of light filtering and privacy may vary. However, this style is popular for upper-level bedrooms, home offices, dining rooms, and entryways.


Honeycomb Shades

For homeowners that desire a window treatment that adds more insulation to a window, blocks out noise, and provides more privacy, honeycomb shades work very well. Some people might not love their style, but they have plenty of benefits to make up the difference.

The unique structure of the individual cells of the shade trap air to reduce energy loss. Take care when cleaning this type of window covering, as it’s more delicate than other shades.


Bring In The Fall With Stunning Window Treatments

Right before fall is one of the best times to snag deals on window treatments and make modest upgrades. Create a more inviting, aesthetically pleasing home with energy-efficient, luxurious window shades and blinds that are elegant and offer a timeless style. Learn more about ‌desirable window coverings that readily enhance a home at All About Blinds.