Determining if Plantation Shutters are Right for Your Home

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December 4, 2013

plantation shuttersFor numerous individuals, one of their favorite choices in window treatments are plantation shutters. Not only are they extremely versatile, but they tend to be a lot less expensive than other custom made draperies on the market today. In terms of upgrading your home and increasing its value, these window shutters Jacksonville are one of the best ways to do it. They are the only type of window treatments that you can literally finance into the purchase price of your new home. Since they are extremely desirable and tend to stay with the home once it’s sold, this is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of these shutters for your home.

Implementing the Look Into Your Kitchen                              

Plantation shutters are one of the more popular choices for kitchens today. When it comes time to shop for window shutters in Jacksonville that work for the inside of your home, you need to know if you are buying shutters that are built specifically for your windows or if the company is willing to take your stock panels and customize the shutters according to your specifications. Often times, you will find that the prices are quite similar, either way you decide to go.

Traditional window shutters for Jacksonville homes are not the same thing as that of plantation shutters. They consist of a narrower, smaller louver and are commonly found in the New England states. Traditional shutters aren’t normally installed today because more people are trending toward allowing ample light inside of their home and maintaining the open view to the outside world.

The Spanish first introduced shutters into the Americans years ago. Large plantation-style homes found in the South would often utilize these wider, louvered style window shutters, which is how they got their name. These shutters are designed with a divider rail that is far narrower, which provides you with separate control for both the bottom and the top louvers. This feature tends to come in handy when the evening hours approach and you would like a certain degree of privacy inside of your home.

Determining the Proper Size and Style is Important

The plantation shutters of today come in an array of different louver sizes and styles.  The most popular of sizes is that of the 2.5 inch commonly used in family rooms. Even though some prefer the larger 3.5 inch louver, it truly is a personal decision that only you can make. For those with an average-sized room, the 2.5 inch louver tends to be the more traditional approach, as long as you have normal ceiling heights. If you have a huge room with cathedral ceilings, you might want to consider getting the 3.5 inch louver for your space.

When it comes time to shop for window shutters in Jacksonville, Fernandina, or St. Augustine, there are a few different features that you want to be on the lookout for. Custom shutter companies will come in and measure your windows to determine the exact size needed and build your shutters to fit accordingly. They appear to be custom-built due to the location for the divider rail, which makes them that much more beautiful and stunning for your home.

Bathrooms Can Benefit from Shutters, Too

Many people opt to use the shutters that have a divider rail or those that boast a double-hung style. These shutters provide you with the option to close the bottom louvers for an added sense of privacy, while leaving the top louvers open to let in the light and an astonishing view. It’s a lot harder to get that kind of functionality and versatility with wood blinds, drapes, or curtains.

It might be that all you need is a half-shutter for your home, but exercise caution when purchasing these shutters. They often end up costing you just as much money as that of the full-length shutters. You aren’t going to get as much sunlight control or insulation with these shutters. A full window shutter will let in loads of light beautifully, while protecting your rugs and furniture from potential sun damage. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages to both options before you make the final decision to implement half-shutters into your home.

Windows are designed to provide you with an array of different options to control the amount of light let into the home and the view of the outside world. These window shutters in Jacksonville are designed with a double-hung fashion, which allows you the ability to open the top louvers, while keeping the bottom ones closed. Since they are double-hung, the top portions can actually end up folding back against the wall while leaving the bottom parts of panels in-tact. You could always throw the entire panel back and open the window up entirely. Plenty of versatility in one simple shutter.

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