Brilliant Ways to Transform light in your home

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August 24, 2015

transform light in your homeFew elements can totally revamp a space like light. Interior designers typically give serious consideration to lighting fixtures and structure because they understand how light can truly make or break a space. However, you don’t have to be a professional decorator to use light as a rehabilitating and fabulous form of decor. If you are looking for brilliant ways to transform light in your home, heed these tips to make things bright in no time!

Warm Bulbs Are the Way to Go

One of the least expensive but wonderfully brilliant ways to transform light in your home is to choose light bulbs that promote the look you want. When you pick a bulb for a light fixture, go for a glow that bathes the room in warmth. You can opt for halogen light bulbs if you want to affect the look of a bright, sunny day. If you'd prefer lighting that is more cozy and intimate, you may want to go the way of a CFL, also known as a compact florescent lamp bulb. Need a warm light look with more of a spotlight appeal? Go for a light-emitting diode, popularly known as an LED lamp bulb. Stick to energy-efficient bulbs for a longer shelf life that will keep the warm feeling flowing for a good, long while.

Dim All the Lights

Another relatively inexpensive way to turn lighting into a transformative experience is to put in a dimmer switch. Dimmer switches give you options about how a room is lit. So, if you're in the mood for a burst of sunshine, just rev up the switch on full blast. Feeling a little less boisterous or want a smokier mood for a room? Bring the dimmer switch to a simmer and throw a touch of moonlight in with that warm glow.

Window Treats for Lighting Feats

Another way to use light to your room's advantage is by controlling how much of it can get through a window. There are tons of window treatments on the market that can alter light through the sheer force of design and material. You can choose drapes, blinds or other types of window dressings to let the maximum amount of sunshine in – or out. It's all about what kind of tone you want to set in a given space. If you know what you're looking for, the odds are that there is a window treatment that can achieve it.

Add a Few More Windows to Your Space

You can always add some window to that space of yours. No, this doesn't mean to have a contractor come out and install a few more windows on the outside of your home. Yes, this means consider letting a contractor add some windows to the inside of your home. Interior windows provide the illusion of openness and accessibility. These windows can serve as continuous conduits for light, making the chosen space seem beautifully endless. It's very stylish and, of course, one of the undeniably brilliant ways to transform light in your home.

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