5 Signs You Need New Blinds

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January 28, 2014

wood blinds Jacksonville, FLIn sunny Jacksonville, blinds are not just for show, they can be almost essential in blocking the midday glare. But like all things, blinds have a limited lifespan and yours may well be nearing the end of theirs. Even if they're in good shape, there might be a benefit in getting new ones. Here are five signs that it's time to start shopping for replacements.

1. You're Redecorating                                     

It should go without saying that the blinds should complement the rest of the room, so what happens when you're about to redecorate? If you're merely rearranging furniture, then it's likely your current blinds will be fine. Changing more than arrangement might just require a change in your window treatments as well.

Repainting a room is the most obvious reason to get matching blinds. Another good reason is the furniture. No matter whether you live in Rome, London, or Jacksonville, blinds come in a much wider variety of materials and colors than you might imagine. Finding a set of blinds which match your new sofa can really bring a room together.

2. You're Preparing to Move

If you're preparing to sell your home, you'll want it to look its best. This involves cleaning the carpets, the furniture, and the windows. What you might not have considered is that new blinds also increase the attractiveness of your home. Blinds and other window coverings are able to create an illusion that small windows are larger, or can make a focal point stand out even more. They can also change the entire mood of a room depending upon the color or pattern. In addition, new blinds can make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Adding motorized control will make the deal that much sweeter.

When buying a home, you may find that the windows are less attractive than you would prefer. Some rooms might require new paint, which also means matching blinds. Just as blinds are an easy way to make your home more attractive to buyers, they also help make your new home more attractive for your family.

Additionally, when renting a house or apartment in Jacksonville, blinds are a simple feature which make potential tenants feel more at home. As tenants move out, blinds potentially need replacing along with other inter-tenancy maintenance projects. In many cases, this is a matter of personal judgment, while in others, this is an outright necessity.

3. Children and Pets

Many pets, including cats and ferrets, are known to use blinds as makeshift ladders. Unfortunately, climbing a set of blinds means possibly getting stuck in them. Pets also enjoy attacking drawstrings and other dangling parts. This can pose a number of safety risks depending upon the age of your blinds. Older blinds pose a strangulation hazard for both children and animals, as well as other risks of injury. Most modern blinds include safety features, such as breakthrough safety tassels and cord tensioners. These not only reduce safety issues, but may also reduce the amount of damage your blinds will incur by the smaller members of your household.

4. Cleanliness

No matter how often they are cleaned, some blinds will slowly accumulate various stains and allergens. As time passes, these may cause discomfort to your family or guests. Stains caused by cleaners are not only unattractive, but might also begin to smell, depending upon the material your blinds are made of. When blinds can no longer be kept clean, the best option is to replace them.

5. Wear and Tear

Your blinds will slowly wear out or break through natural usage. In some cases, such as a broken slat, it is a simple matter to purchase clips or otherwise repairing the damage. However, once you begin reaching for the duct tape, it's time to give up and buy some new blinds. 

Another important consideration is that in sunny southern cities such as Jacksonville, blinds are more than a simple window treatment. They protect your home from harmful ultra-violet radiation. A good pair of blinds will block as much as 75-99 percent of the UV radiation coming through your windows. This harsh radiation not only harms your skin, but it will also fade your furniture and carpets over time. Recognizing that your blinds have more than aesthetic and shade value is an important step in protecting the rest of your home from the more harmful aspects of natural lighting.

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