Beat Summer Heat: Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

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May 8, 2017

cool summersWhen the beautiful sunshine of summer arrives, it’s time to slather on the sunscreen and stay in the shade. But if you are looking for ways to keep cool indoors, you need to turn your attention to your home. By using the following tips in your home, you can beat the heat and you can lower utility bills (a win-win!):

  • Did you know that up to 30% of the extra heat in your house comes from the sun blasting in your windows? To prevent this, make sure your blinds are closed and shades are drawn, particularly during peak sun hours. This simple action can cool your living space up to 20 degrees and will reduce your energy bill as well. If you are looking to update your blinds and shades, look for ones that have quality heat-blocking abilities that will help keep your home cool, like solar screen shades, or consider automating with motorized shades. You can program your shades to close at peak heat hours, ensuring that you block the harshest of the sun’s rays.
  • Using your ceiling fans is another important aspect to cooling your home. These simple devices pull up warm air up and then push it down which creates an easy cool breeze. To work properly, they need to turn counter-clockwise. Don’t forget to clean the blades to ensure optimal airflow. Lastly, turn off fans when you leave a room for any length of time to conserve energy.
  • Your thermostat is definitely another way to control the temperature in your home. If you don’t already have one, install a programmable thermostat to keep temperatures higher at night and when no one is home, and lower when occupied. Not only will you notice a wonderful difference in comfort, but also on your utility bill. You can find thermostats that you can schedule differently for summer weekends and weekdays, too.
  • During the day, close off rooms you don’t usually use. This helps keep cooled air in the areas where you want it and warmer air away from active living spaces.

Updating your window treatments and replacing your blinds is a great way to maximize efficiency and increase comfort. Even the Department of Energy has touted window coverings for their ability to reduce heat in the home. If you are looking to maximize energy efficiency in your home, the primary window treatments that help are:

  • Blinds - Blinds are flexible because you can adjust them to control the light and ventilation.
  • Shades - Shades can insulate and act as an air barrier. For even more efficiency, get dual shades that have a reflective white on one side to reflect the heat in the summer, and a heat-absorbent dark color on the other side to trap heat in the winter.
  • Shutters - Shutters can help reduce heat gain and loss and protect against weather.

All About Blinds & Shutters designs and installs custom window treatments based around your home’s unique needs; our products can help with anything from energy-efficiency to insulation. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate and live life cool and comfortably this summer.

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