All Customer Reviews Are Valuable (Even Bad Ones)

Posted by All About Blinds

August 15, 2016

gold starsAs a local business, do you spend much time and effort seeking a review from your customers to post online? What difference does it make anyway? Well, it turns out, it makes an enormous difference; well over half of potential customers base their decisions on reviews. In today’s world, a good portion of business revolves around the internet. At All About Blinds and Shutters, we understand that many customers have already made their mind up about us before they even set foot in the store.We hope that we cultivate an open environment that allows our customers to feel like their feedback is not only noticed, but appreciated.

Getting Reviews

All About Blinds and Shutters’ products speak for themselves. And while our beautiful custom window treatments may seem like an easy way to score good reviews, it’s customer service that really makes our business stand out. We are committed to excellent customer care and doing the job right. Our representatives are not only knowledgeable, but they are also friendly. We always encourage our customers to review their experiences so we can improve our business and further improve their experiences in the future.

All Reviews Are Good, Even Bad Ones

Believe it or not, a bad review might not be so harmful. For one, it makes the review process seem more organic. After all, a business is run by humans, and humans are not perfect, so most customers will understand occasional glitches. In fact, a bad review may even make a company appear more human. It also gives a business like All About Blinds and Shutters a great chance for redemption. While some businesses like to take a “customer is always wrong” approach, we believe that our relationships with our customers are our most valuable asset. A bad review might sting initially, but, in the end, it gives us an opportunity to learn, to change our approach, and to go above and beyond.

How To Review

All About Blinds and Shutters has several outlets to intercept reviews, mostly via social media. We mainly receive Google and Facebook reviews, and we are very open to receiving your input. Whether your experience was good or bad, it is a learning process for us each time. Good reviews let us know what we’re doing right, and bad reviews let us know where we need to improve. Fortunately, our staff of friendly experts has kept our ratings pretty high over time.

Dealing With Them

We enjoy basking in the glow of great reviews—who doesn’t?! We pass along the excellent marks to all those involved in making those good comments happen. And when a negative one arrives, we make sure to empathize with the reviewer’s points of distress, and give an equal level of consideration to the bad review that we would to give to the good reviews. If we have given you exceptional customer service, we want to know, and if we have given subpar service, we would love the chance to right that wrong.

Your evaluations provide the insight necessary to make All About Blinds and Shutters your number one Jacksonville destination for beautifying your home. We truly value your feedback and your business. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook page or our website.

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