8 Best Window Treatments for Fall

Posted by All About Blinds

September 30, 2022

Easily renew and refresh a home’s appearance by switching up the window treatments as the seasons change. Enjoy an opportune moment and install window treatments that are more appropriate for fall.

Choose from window blinds or shades that use wood or fabric vanes for insulating properties, and add a delightful texture or color to the room. Don’t forget to include window coverings that allow more light to stream through as the days grow shorter. Continue reading to uncover our curated list of elegant, practical window treatments for fall.


Why Fall is the Ideal Time To Change Window Treatments?

There are two excellent reasons to give your windows an upgrade with new window treatments. First, there will be less sunlight during the day as fall progresses. Different window coverings will improve how much light you allow into your home and enhance privacy.

Second, homeowners can take advantage of energy-efficient, insulated window coverings, which help reduce energy loss and keep a home’s interior warmer. And as a bonus, many retailers offer generous deals on products and installation services during the fall season. So, customers can find unique window products and services at fantastic prices.


What Window Treatments Are Suitable for Fall?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for fall window treatments, as everyone has a different budget and sense of style for their home. Consider a few points if you are in the market for suitable fall-ready window treatments.

  • How much natural sunlight does your home receive, and is the exposure predominantly from the south, east, west, or north?
  • Is there a need for fabric shades, wooden blinds, or shutters to better control light or provide greater privacy?
  • How will specific window coverings enhance the ambiance and value of a home? Think about maintenance and customization for size, color, and style.


After carefully considering what is expected of new window treatments to dress a home appropriately for the fall, look at some fantastic products. Choose from a curated list of window shades, blinds, or shutters to make windows look modern and sophisticated.

So, homeowners get complete control over how much light gets filtered and sufficient privacy. Go from full sunlight to room darkening with a few adjustments.


1. Plantation Shutters

For homes with a classic or traditional style, Plantation shutters have enthralled homeowners and envious passersby for centuries. Install a set of wooden Plantation shutters and enjoy improved energy efficiency, privacy, and transform the ambiance.

Because of the considerable cost and installation process, this is a significant investment in window treatments. However, Plantation shutters perform well during the cooler fall months and the summer heat, reducing dependence on the HVAC system to stay comfortable.


2. Motorized Shades

One of the best things about motorized shades is that they are cordless, easy to operate and enhance safety for homes with children, pets, or elderly adults. As more people choose smart homes and internet-connected devices, many motorized shades can be operated at the touch of a button. Choose motorized blinds that interface with smart controls or adjust the settings using a smartphone app.


3. Honeycomb Shades

For anyone who desires insulated window treatments, honeycomb shades are ideal. They have a unique design and thin profile as a set of cellular shades, as their individual honeycomb-shaped cells trap air and stabilize the interior temperature.

Honeycomb shades may be cordless cellular shades which are easy to adjust for improved privacy. They also add a welcome layer of insulation to windows and may help muffle intrusive outdoor noise.


4. Wood Blinds

Prepare to pay a bit more for wooden blinds, which will be a bit heavier than fabric or vinyl, but it adds value to a property. There is something stately about wood, especially if it has a complementary stain color to offset the interior decor and wall treatment. Wooden Venetian blinds are popular, as they are durable and block out light sufficiently. Faux wood blinds are another similar option, but lighter and less durable.


5. Vignette Roman Shades

Create visual interest and make windows a showstopper with Vignette Roman Shades. Consider this window treatment as an upgrade to traditional Roman shades. This particular style of fabric shades consists of a series of luxurious fabric pleats, which fall beautifully when fully extended. Customers can choose from room darkening shades, semi-sheer, or a light filtering opacity.


6. Transitional Shades

Step into the future of modern window coverings and look at what Allure Transitional Shades offer. It’s not quite a rolling fabric shade nor a set of blinds. Instead, you get a beautiful transition of vanes in varying opacity. 

So, homeowners get complete control over how much light gets filtered and sufficient privacy. Go from full sunlight to room darkening with a few adjustments.




7. Woven Wood Roman Shades

For anyone who loves the look and texture of wood and fabric but cannot settle on one or the other, combine the best of both worlds. Choose from cordless Roman shades composed of a highly-textured, earthy woven wood panel. It easily rolls up or down to let in light and sufficiently blocks incoming UVA and UVB rays. Be aware that woven wood Roman shades are suitable for a nautical, eclectic, or laidback look that isn’t overly tidy and clean.



8. Fabric Vertical Blinds

Depending on the opacity of the vanes used for vertical fabric blinds, homeowners can enjoy varying levels of privacy and allow a modicum or full sunlight to stream through. The beauty of fabric blinds is that they provide a layer of texture and visual interest. Also, compared to heavier wood or aluminum blinds, fabric is lightweight and easily adjusts on a tilt.


Fall in Love with Fabulous Window Treatments

When there isn’t enough time or a large enough budget to completely overhaul a home, one of the easiest ways to give a home an upgrade is via its window treatments. It is always a treat when shopping for new window coverings, ranging from elegant Roman shades to cordless fabric or wood blinds. Delight the senses and enhance the beauty and value of your home with fall window treatments that are a perfect fit for the fall. Visit AllAboutBlinds to start your journey and discover window treatments that effortlessly fit your life and style.