15 DIY Holiday Window Décor Ideas

Posted by All About Blinds   |   December 5, 2016

creaturecomfortsblog.com.jpgDecorating for the holidays is a tradition many of us anticipate all year. However, as you're taking those dusty bins out of the attic, consider revamping your holiday decorations this year. As Jacksonville's window treatment specialists, we wanted to give you some wonderful DIY holiday window décor ideas to pull inspiration from. Here are some of our favorite looks for the upcoming holidays:


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DIY Fall Trends That Will Spruce Up Your Window Treatments

Posted by All About Blinds   |   October 30, 2016

Fall is a great time to spruce up your window treatments and give your home a fresh update before the busy holiday season begins. The best thing is that you do not need to invest a lot of money to give your drapes or curtains a new look with these latest fall trends.

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Choosing the Best Blinds for Your Needs

Posted by All About Blinds   |   October 24, 2016

The windows in your home are more than portals for natural light. They are a focal point that can enhance the aesthetic of any room in your home. This lends special importance to the window coverings you choose. Your selection of blinds or shades represents a major decor decision that can impact the visual interest in the public areas in your house. Updating your window treatments doesn't have to break the bank, however. Simple, elegant window coverings can dress up your home's decor while adding security and energy savings. If you're thinking about new window coverings, consider the following hints for choosing the best blinds and shades for your home!

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Change Your View with Window Treatment Trends for Fall

Posted by All About Blinds   |   September 30, 2016

Sip on cider, and stay warm with autumn tones.

Window treatments can be a source of great confusion in a room. You want your windows to look good, yet still be functional. You don’t want to overdress them, but at the same time, you don’t want your windows to appear so austere that your room looks unfinished. The choices can be overwhelming.

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Save Money and Warm Your Home with Cellular Shades

Posted by All About Blinds   |   September 21, 2016

Cellular shades have carefully designed layers that act as extra protection against the cold (and against high energy bills).There are several ways to save money on annual energy costs. One great way to reduce energy consumption and add to the aesthetics of a home is to install custom window treatments. When an appropriate window treatment is installed, it blocks the heat from the sun, as well as prevents heat from escaping through windows.

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