Featured Product Spotlight: Solar Screen Shades

Posted by All About Blinds   |   April 19, 2017

Solar screen shades can be customized to suit your needs.Living in Florida, you know that the one thing not lacking here is sunshine. But all that sunshine can make your home uncomfortable, and could potentially cause damage to your home and furnishings. There is a way to keep your home comfortable and reduce damage from ultraviolet rays: solar screen shades. With warm summer months on the horizon, we wanted to put the spotlight on solar screen shades as our featured product of the month!

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A New and Improved Look for All About Blinds & Shutters

Posted by All About Blinds   |   March 8, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.47.21 PM.pngWe recently launched our brand new website and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with our valued clients. All About Blinds & Shutters has been transforming Jacksonville homes for over 20 years, so we decided it was time for a little makeover of our own. 

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How to Maximize Natural Light in a Room

Posted by All About Blinds   |   February 27, 2017

Letting as much natural light in as possible is easy with these tips.One of the biggest complaints people have about their homes is that they just do not have enough sunlight getting in. Natural light from the sun creates warmth and is more aesthetically pleasing than light produced from most lighting fixtures. Unless you are prepared to undertake a major renovation to add more windows or skylights, you need to resort to some inexpensive tricks that will help enhance the natural light you do have.

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Featured Product Spotlight: Motorized Shades

Posted by All About Blinds   |   February 15, 2017

Motorization can have numerous benefits such as increased safety and convenience.Modern technology is all about maximizing convenience. Every day, new technology springs up to make the tedious parts of our lives faster and easier. We can pay for a coffee, operate our thermostat, and even answer the door from our phones. It shouldn’t surprise us that new and convenient automation options have also come to the world of window treatments.

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Fresh Ideas to Revamp the Look of Your Home in 2017

Posted by All About Blinds   |   January 31, 2017


2-Inch-Faux-Blinds-with-Tapes.jpgFor the last few years, the consistent look for homes, including window treatments, has been minimalism. Homeowners want simplicity to enhance their home’s natural beauty, including their windows. Consider some of these window treatments and décor ideas for bringing you one step closer to your dream home this year.

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